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1. Never ever regret about past things.

2. Act as per plan.

3. Health is foremost than anything.

4. Ancient Sanskrit mantras improve your pronunciation and purifies you from within.

5. Once you decide then go for it, what may come.

6. Do charity in whatever way you can.

7. Family comes first than everything else.

8. Installing good habits is a path to reach fulfilling life.

9. Money is important as it makes you independent to do many good things in life.

10. Don’t scared, express yourself.

11. Learning new things work like an oxygen to your brain.

12. Respond rather than reaction.

13. Doing creative things brings happiness which can’t be express in words.

14. Just like you have feelings, others too have the same. Take care of that.

15. Giving Me time to yourself increase your performance in every aspect of the life.

16. Getting-up early and doing Yoga regularly is the solution to many of the problems and or issues we are facing day to day.

17. Expending on things which contribute in your craft of the life is your investment and not expense.

18.. Meditation is not means sitting idle rather doing any act which calm you from within is a meditation.

19. Experiencing simple food with complete focus only on your eating is a blessing in disguise.

20. Speak less act more.

21. Learn to ignore worthless criticism.

22. Schedule smallest of the smallest thing. Don’t depend upon your memory. Scheduling helps you from wasting your memory in memorizing those things unnecessarily.

23. Give respect earn respect.

24. Delegation is an art which need to be learnt.

25. How I lived is more important than how many years I lived.

Hope this small write-up serves you. Wish you all my Readers Happy New Year 2023!

Be Blissful!

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