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Goods and Services Tax: Next Steps

Revenue Secretary’s presentation on next steps required on Goods Services Tax Revenue Secy’s presentation on next steps required on Goods and Service Tax (GST) GOODS AND SERVICES TAX: NEXT STEPS THE ROADMAP TO GST   Establishment of Legal Framework Preparation of IT infrastructure Change Management: Training of Officials and Staf...

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Maharashtra Value Added Tax (Fifth Amendment) Rules, 2016

Notification No. VAT. 15 16/CR-86/Taxation-1. (06/08/2016)

For the purpose of section 28A, the 'fair market price' shall be determined, in the manner specified in column (5) of the Table hereunder, in respect of the class of dealers specified in column (4) for the sale of commodities specified in column (2) of the said Table,–...

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Maharashtra Value Added Tax (Fourth Amendment) Rules, 2016

Notification No. VAT.1516/CR-85/Taxation-1 (06/08/2016)

Set-off in respect of goods manufactured by certain dealers covered under the various packages scheme of incentive- If the claimant dealer has purchased goods (other than the declared goods) which are originally manufactured by,– (i) the Mega Unit or, as the case may be, the Ultra Mega Unit, holding valid Identification Certificate u...

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GST Constitution Bill, 2016- Rajya Sabha Proceeding Extract

Brief Record of the Proceedings of the Meeting of the Rajya Sabha held on the 3 rd August, 2016 on The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-second Amendment) Bill, 2016 passed by Rajya Sabha on 03rd August 2016....

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Rajya Sabha work on 3rd August 2016: Important Points

On Historic Day of 3rd August 2016, Rajya Sabha passed with 203 to 187 votes in favour of “GST – 122nd Constitutional Amendment Bill”, which has cleared the road mad of “Reality of GST to be Soon”. Below Bullet points of discussion had on 3rd August 2016 in Rajya Sabha ...

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GST Bill Passed in Rajya Sabha: PM Thanked all Parties

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has thanked the leaders and members of all the parties on the occasion of passage of the GST Bill in the Rajya Sabha. Calling GST as the best example of cooperative federalism, the Prime Minister in a series of tweets said that this reform will promote Make in India, help exports and thus boost boost...

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GST Constitutional Amendment Bill passed in Rajya Sabha with Key amendments

The long-delayed Constitution (122ndAmendment) Bill, 2014 on GST (“122nd CAB” or “GST Bill”) has finally got the nod of the Rajya Sabha yesterday, with the Government successfully stitching together a political consensus on the GST Bill, to pave the way for much-awaited roll out of the landmark tax reform that will create a common...

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Goods and Services Tax – Overview of Model Law Released in June 2016

One subject which has been in the news in the last few years on the taxation front has been implementation of the Goods and Services Tax law. While the law should ideally have been introduced six years ago it has been pending implementation for various reasons with major ...

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14 FAQs on Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST is a single tax on the supply of goods and services, right from the manufacturer to the consumer. Credits of input taxes paid at each stage will be available in the subsequent stage of value addition, which makes GST essentially a tax only on value addition at each stage....

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GST– Overview of Model Law Released in June 2016

In this article the author has sought to analyse the basic provisions of the proposed GST law based on the Model GST Law released in public domain in June 2016. Being a model law that is proposed, readers may note that the same would be ...

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Goods and Services Tax India

The Goods and Services Tax or better known as GST is a Value added Tax and is a comprehensive indirect tax which is levied on the manufacture, consumption, and sale of goods and services. The Goods and Services Tax in India would replace all the indirect taxes which are levied today on goods and services by the Central and the State governments. GST is intended to be comprehensive for most of the goods and services. Goods and Services Tax is a single indirect tax for the entire nation, which would make India a unified market. It is proposed to be a single tax on supply of goods and services, from a manufacturer to the end consumer. The credit of all the input taxes which are paid at each and every stage would be allowed in the following stages of value addition that makes GST basically a tax on value addition only at every stage. The end consumer would have to bear only the Goods and Service Tax which is charged by the final dealer within the supply chain, together with all the set-off benefits availed at previous stages.

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