CS Ravi Garg
CS Ravi Garg

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CS Ravi Garg is an Associate Member of Institute of Companies Secretaries of India having good experience in legal and secretarial matters. He is having 4+ years’ experience in handling Compliance management, handling projects and Investor Grievances related to Public Issues, IPO’s, ISIN Creation with Depository, Dematerialisation of Shares, SEBI Compliances, Secretarial, IEPF, FEMA, IPR etc. He has given support / guidance to 750+ Investors for Claim of Shares and Dividends from IEPF and have rich experience in this field.
Member Since: 29 Aug 2017
Total Posts: 6
Qualification: CS
Location: Delhi, New Delhi, IN
Company: SPML India Limited
Designation: Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

CS Ravi Garg 's Posts

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5. Procedure to Claim Shares Transferred to IEPF Authority
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