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Designated Zone under UAE VAT

October 25, 2023 774 Views 0 comment Print

Discover tax treatment of designated zones in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) under VAT law. Explore the conditions, exceptions, and implications for businesses

Understanding Zero-Rate Supply in UAE VAT Law

October 24, 2023 1191 Views 0 comment Print

Explore zero-rate supply under UAE VAT law, its classification, impact on registration, and categories of goods and services covered. Learn how exporters and more benefit.

UAE VAT Registration vs. India GST Registration: A Comparison

October 23, 2023 1356 Views 0 comment Print

Explore registration process under UAE VAT and India GST. Understand key differences and requirements for businesses in these tax regimes

UAE VAT Reverse Charge Mechanism on Electronic Devices

October 20, 2023 2367 Views 0 comment Print

“Explore the intricate details of the UAE VAT Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) for electronic devices, including definitions, conditions, and the impact on businesses. Stay VAT-compliant with our comprehensive guide

UAE VAT-201 Return Vs India GSTR-3B Return

October 19, 2023 1035 Views 0 comment Print

Explore the similarities and differences between the UAE VAT-201 Return and India GSTR-3B Return, two essential tax filing processes for VAT and GST.

VAT Returns and Payments under UAE Tax Law: A Comprehensive Guide

October 18, 2023 825 Views 0 comment Print

Getting a handle on VAT returns and payments in the UAE? Learn the complexity of filing returns and payment in this comprehensive guide.

Issues faced in filing of refund under GST Law

June 28, 2022 8847 Views 0 comment Print

Discover common issues faced in filing refund under GST Law. Learn about limitations, interest on delayed refunds, and more.

Filing Refund under GST Law

June 22, 2022 3348 Views 0 comment Print

Under what circumstances can you file an application for refund? Single application form/multiple forms? What if we missed the timeline for reply to notice? Which documents are to be uploaded with application form? Where to check the status of refund application.

Intermediary Services under GST law

May 14, 2022 52158 Views 0 comment Print

Dive into the complexities of GST law regarding Intermediary Services. Explore recent rulings, understand the tests applied, and why companies are concerned. Unravel the ambiguity with insights into taxation, place of supply, and the latest circular providing clarity.

Issues in Airline Industry encompassing MRO Services

December 4, 2019 5067 Views 0 comment Print

Goods and Services Tax might have come with the motto of simplifying law. But the industry issues which were or are erupting due to new law or old issues which are still not resolved by GST, need the attention to overcome hurdles in daily business or trade.

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