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Incorporation of Nidhi Company through SPICe+

March 8, 2022 3555 Views 4 comments Print

Nidhi Company Nidhi Companies are incorporated with motive of encouraging the habit of savings amongst its members. Nidhi Companies are allowed to deal with members only which means that Nidhi Companies can take Deposits from and lend only to its members. It is much easier to form a Nidhi Company with very less time and […]

How to Renew/Re-register DSC on Trademark e-filing portal

June 12, 2021 21363 Views 14 comments Print

How to Renew/ Re- register Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) on Trademark e-filing portal Registration of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is pre-requisite for any Trademark Agent / Attorney, in order to be able to file various forms, replies, etc on online ‘filing portal of Trademark.’ In case the originally registered DSC expired, new DSC is required […]

Producer Company Incorporation through SPICE+

May 26, 2021 6048 Views 11 comments Print

Producer Company– A Producer Company is a form of an organization that consists of producers / farmers / agriculturalists as its members with primary objective of procurement, production, harvesting, etc of agricultural produce. It is basically a combination of a Cooperative Society and a Private Limited Company which instills the essence of Cooperative Society in […]

One Person Company (OPC) Incorporation through SPICe+

June 19, 2020 27432 Views 73 comments Print

One Person Company (OPC) The One Person Company signifies the form of a Company that can be formed with just one Director and a Member as against a Private Limited Company, which requires at least two directors and two members and a Public Company that requires at least three directors and seven members. The compliance […]

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