Adv Aditya Narayan
Adv Aditya Narayan

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Mr. Aditya is a versatile and seasoned professional with cross functional expertise in the fields of Income Tax, GST, Accounts, Finance & Audit. Due to strong interest in practice, he left the job of Vice-President (Accounts & Taxation) of a finance company and practicing as a Tax & Corporate lawyer.
Member Since: 23 Jul 2023
Total Posts: 12
Qualification: LL.B / Advocate
Location: Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, India
Company: Anp Taxcorp Associates
Designation: Tax & Corporate Lawer



Job Experience

Having an overall experience of more than 25 years covering different roles across variety of sectors. Over these years acquired expertise over many complex and challenging roles as a professional in the field of Taxation and Accounts. Before entering into independent practice as a Tax & Corporate Lawyer, served as Vice-President (Accounts & Taxation) in a leading microfinance company based at Bhubaneswar.

Job Skills

Advisory on complex Tax and Corporate law matters; Excellent communication with IT, GST & ROC officials; Tax planning, filing and computation; Tax audit; Internal audit; Designing internal control mechanism; Finalization of accounts; Effective canvassing with financers; Financial analysis and projections; Consulting on EPF, ESI & HR issues.

Adv Aditya Narayan 's Posts

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