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Exact Cause Of Fire Immaterial If Insured Was Not Responsible For Initiating Fire: SC

New India Assurance Co. Ltd. & Ors. Vs Mudit Roadways (Supreme Court of India)

Insurance disputes often unfold as legal mazes, and in a recent case, we find a compelling narrative. A warehouse fire triggered a claim, met with a swift repudiation by the insurance company. But why? This article peels back the layers, exploring issues of coverage, alterations, and the elusive cause of the fire....

Mistakes made by Small Businesses during Bookkeeping

This article provides a general overview of bookkeeping for small businesses and highlights the top 8 bookkeeping errors that small businesses make....

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Income Tax and GST on Domestic & International Travel in India

Traveling teaches us things impossible to learn at home. Learn income tax & GST implication on domestic & international travel in India....

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GST Rate on Old Vehicles: Analysis, Exceptions and Impact

Explore the GST rates on old and used vehicles, exceptions, and the impact on sales. Detailed analysis on ITC, cess, and margin scheme. ...

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A Critical Appreciation of Ranchi Bench of ITAT in Rakesh Kr. Jha vs. ITO

Explore recent ITAT judgment in Rakesh Kr. Jha vs. ITO, delving into interpretation of Sections 271A and 271B, highlighting conflicting views among High Courts....

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Mastering ITR-U: A Guide to Updating Your Tax Returns

Discover ITR-U, the tool allowing taxpayers to rectify errors in income tax returns up to two years after the assessment year. Learn eligibility, filing steps, and deadlines....

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Simplifying Tax Filing: Lowdown on New ‘Discard ITR’ feature

Discover how Income Tax Department's new 'Discard ITR' feature simplifies tax filing & provides you more control over your tax paperwork. ...

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HSN codes in GST & How to calculate GST using HSN code?

Explore the world of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) codes. Learn about GST rates, the significance of HSN codes, and how to calculate GST using HSN codes. Dive into chapter-wise distribution of commodities and gain insights into the practical application of HSN codes in your business....

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GST Appeal Amnesty Scheme 2023: Procedure and Provision

Discover the complete procedure and provisions of the GST Appeal Amnesty Scheme 2023. Ensure timely filing and benefit from this golden opportunity....

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Delhi GST Department Implements Digital DIN

No. F.6 (4)/GST/Policy/2022/1122-28 29/11/2023

Circular 1122-28 from Delhi GST Department mandating use of Digital Document Identification Number (DIN) for transparent communication. Learn about exemptions, procedures, and implications...

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