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GST Rate on services of coal beneficiation and transportation

In re M/s Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company (GST AAR Madhya Pradesh)

In re M/s Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company (GST AAR Madhya Pradesh) The services of coal beneficiation and transportation are two different supplies and they will attract the following rates: a. Coal Beneficiation: GST @18% (CGST 9% + SGST 9%) under SAC9997 b. Transportation by a GTA by road @5% (CGST 2.5% + SGST 2.5%) […]...

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Restriction in availment of GST input tax credit under CGST Rules 2017

CBIC has issued Circular No. 123/42/2019–GST dated 11th November 2019 clarifying Restriction in availment of input tax credit in terms of sub-rule (4) of rule 36 of CGST Rules, 2017. The key summary of the circular has been given below for easy understanding: This is a clarification to the Notification No 49/2019-Central Tax dated 9th [...

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General Provisions for MSME Sector under GST

With the government's commitment to strengthen MSME's on all fronts including GST, it is expected that the current challenges would be stabilized and the industry gradually take a positive turn to fulfill the nation's vision....

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Removal of name of company from register of companies- Reg

In view of the above, you are kindly requested to permit filing of application by companies for removal of name of companies from register of companies on the ground of non-filing of e-Form 20A for commencement of business on the ground of non-receipt of subscribed money after 180 days of its incorporation....

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Can A Incorporated Company Be Considered As Void Ab Initio (void from the beginning) ???

Can A Incorporated Company Be Considered As Void Ab Initio (void from the beginning) ??? The incorporation of a company refers to the legal process that is used to form a corporate entity or a company. Section 7 of the Companies Act 2013 and rules made thereunder as amended from time to time are applicable […]...

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Changes and Clarifications on ITC Claim in Return GSTR-3B

As per Circular issued, the restriction of 36(4) will be applicable where credit is availed after 09 10 2019. As credit is deemed to be availed on submission of GSTR 38, it appears to be applicable for returns of any period filed after 09. 10.2019 implying retrospective applicability (circular extending provision applicability) and discri...

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Analysis of clarification on restriction on Input Tax Credit under GST

t has clarified that restriction on input Tax Credit under GST shall not be imposed through common portal and will be the responsibility of the taxpayer to claim restricted input on self-assessment basis....

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TDS Interest Calculation

Interest Calculation in TDS-Demystified This article aims to simplify interest calculation when TDS CPC aims processes TDS returns with interest demands. There are two sections that are constantly used in TDS interest calculation: 1. Section 201(1A)-Interest on failure to deduct tax and interest on failure to deposit deducted tax amount. ...

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Meaning of Interest for Section 94B of Income tax Act, 1961

Section 94B, was inserted by the Finance Act, 2017, w.e.f. 01.04.2018 which provides that interest expenses claimed by a Company to its associated enterprises shall be restricted to 30% of its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) or interest paid or payable to associated enterprise, whichever is less....

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Difference between Exempt, Nil Rated, Zero Rated & Non GST Outward Supplies

Based on my understanding, I would like to explain the meaning of  Exempt Supply under Goods & Services Tax (GST), Nil Rated Supply under GST, Zero Rated Supply under GST and Non GST Outward Supply with the help of definitions or explanations etc. given under the Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 and Integrated […]...

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