CBEC has accepted the Service Tax returns for the period July-September, 2012, which were rejected by system on the sole ground that these returns were filed for the period prior to the dates of registration of the assessees, as valid returns. These returns have been reprocessed in ACES and the status of these returns is being shown in the systems as ‘filed’. These assessees, need not file the returns again for the same period and they can view the status of their returns in ACES under ‘View XML Status’ option. However, if the returns were rejected for any other reason, the assessees are required to take corrective action as per the reasons of rejection.

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4 responses to “Service Tax Return can be filed even for the period prior to registration”

  1. Manmohan says:

    Any reference of letter F.No/authority of CBEC that an assessee could file ST-3 for July,2012 to Sepetember,2012 prior to date of his registration(ST)

  2. Alagappan says:

    Service Tax Return can be filed for the period prior to registration. for e.g. For period 2014-15 (Oct to mar) can be filed now (before 25th of April-2015 ) As registration done in the Month of April-2015 only. Anyone pls help me out. How it can be filed.

  3. G. Padmanabhan says:

    What about the case, where the regular return was filed on 09/04/2013, but the system failed to generate any response till date? Under the search mode, it continues to show “NO RECORDS FOUND” from 10/04/2013 onwards. What is the way out to get the acknowledgement?

  4. Soumyaranjan says:

    When the Filed return can be down loaded from Aces site…..???

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