Rule 6- Services relating to Events

1. What is the place of provision of services relating to events?

Place of provision of services provided by way of admission to, or organization of, a cultural, artistic, sporting, scientific, educational, entertainment event, or a celebration, conference, fair, exhibition, or any other similar event, and of services ancillary to such admission, shall be the place where the event is held.

2.  What are the services that will be covered in this category?

Services in relation to admission as well as organization of events such as conventions, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, seminars, workshops, weddings, sports and cultural events are covered under this Rule.

Illustration 1

A management school located in USA intends to organize a road show in Mumbai and New Delhi for prospective students. Any service provided by an event manager, or the right to entry (participation fee for prospective students, say) will be taxable in India.

Illustration 2

An Indian fashion design firm hosts a show at Toronto, Canada. The firm receives the services of a Canadian event organizer. The place of provision of this service is the location of the event, which is outside the taxable territory. Any service provided in relation to this event, including the right to entry, will be non-taxable.

3.  What is a service ancillary to admission?

A service of hiring a specific equipment to enjoy the event at the venue (against a charge that is not included in the price of entry ticket) is an example of a service that is ancillary to admission. For example, the service of providing facility of golf carts (with attendant/driver) to elderly persons, to facilitate their movement within the golf course, during a golf tournament.

4.  What are event-related services that would be treated as not ancillary to admission to an event?

A service of courier agency used for distribution of entry tickets for an event is a service that is not ancillary to admission to the event.


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