As per Hindustam Times Two senior advocates from Mumbai namely Advocate Jamshed Mistry and advocate Jabbar Singh have moved the Bombay high court (HC) urging it to take suo moto cognisance of the Union government’s decision to stop the circulation of all currency notes of the denomination of Rs. 500 and Rs 1,000  arguing that the government’s move was rushed and had caused  great inconvenience to the general public.

According to Petitioner advocates the current demonetisation could have been done only through an ordinance, or amendment of the Act, and not merely through a gazetted notification he further said that merely giving four hours notice is no notice at all and that one’s right to life and right to occupation/conduct business were severely affected.

Honourable Justice MS Karnik, who was presiding over the vacation bench, has now directed  Advocate Jamshed Mistry and advocate Jabbar Singh to plead their case before a regular bench of the court as “there were several questions of law involved.

One more PIL was filed in Supreme Court against the Government decision to stop the circulation of all currency notes of the denomination of Rs. 500 and Rs 1,000 by Mr. Sangam Lal Pandey.

He Argued in his petition that it affected various emergency services including Medical, Educational and Marriage Ceremonies. He argued that Private Hospital have refused to operate due to non-receipt of payment in a currency other than that of Rs. 500 and Rs.1000.

Further update on 18.11.2016


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38 responses to “PIL against Ban on Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 notes in Bombay HC & SC”

  1. Anony says:

    This is like penalizing entire country for fault of few. I believe the pain of common man in left unheard and going unnoticed. This needs serious thought.
    Why remediation act was not thought of or planned in advance. Rs 100 notes must have been in circulation in advance time of 2 or 3 months. Rs 2000 notes must have been introduced 2 months ago. Then atleast common people would have had some amount of cash for their daily needs

  2. Siju Gemin says:

    In India how many of such people exist with crores of hard currency with them. Maximum 1 lakh people. But 130 Crores of Indian Population is affected by this.Inefficiency of Income tax department, has led to fire in the entire forest.

  3. krish says:

    It is also an exposure that IT DEPT has failed to curb this accumulation in one form of another
    RBI is not having any account to remit, why some are allowed to remit in RBI? RBI allow exchange, does it mean billion old notes can be exchanged by a few privileged to convert to new currencies?
    What about religious insitutions which are hoarding huge private funds? What about mutual funds , NBFCs and other participatory notes, they can remit old currencies as their chest money with back date receipts?
    Whatabout trade transactions, with cash flow of crores of money with fake sale and purchase?
    Reality is, genuine small holders are again victims of these policies, whales have large holes.

  4. Raghunath Gadre says:

    Those who are opposing this move seems to have lots of BLACK money / hard cash trashed in the lockers,
    There is nothing to panic about ample of time is there to change / deposit the existing currency notes, provided they are white money
    Bravo Modiji hats off to master stroke !!

  5. Vijay jaiswar says:

    There are all emergency services affected due to this PM has to think on layman side before putting decision. Those family marriage ceremony from where those family where to gathered new currencies. There are villages daily wages worker are also suffered due to this.

  6. K.LAKSHMAN. says:

    In any step taken suddenly and without notice there is bound to be some difficulties and these should have been factored in, in the implementation of the measures proposed,albeit their being in the larger interests of the nation.The government should have thought of the inconvenience to the general public and allowed some time to the common man to exchange the higher denomination notes in Banks.

  7. Suresh Ramaswamy says:

    The decision was perfectly right and just – yes it caused inconvenience to the public at large but for a day to two. Things have returned to normal – in trouble – lawyers, doctors, wheeler dealers and politicians – whose income is by extortion at very high rates or outright illegal. How many lawyers or doctors disclose their full professional receipts, if received in cash (mostly in case of doctors) and the lesser said about oliticians the better – TRASH THE PIL.

  8. LANKA LAKSHMI says:

    BRAVO !!!
    OUR GREAT PM !!! Professional Man !!!
    Perfect Modi !!



  9. prakaash says:

    These PILs should have been rejected in the first place. Nation comes first not an individual. Things are returning to normal.

  10. sree says:

    Yes, the real culprits already escaped with prior information (RL,CBN etc) Only some small fishes may be caught.
    But large number of people have to face problems for short term. In long term it will be beneficial. Let us hope the big fishes will die in next Sunami

  11. MILIND says:

    Government always favoured Lawyers but see….now lawyers are against Government….only selfish….the want to gain only….

  12. atul kumar says:

    I feel this move should have taken much before and it is a right decision of the stop the circulation suddenly otherwise influencial people who are having black money can manage conversion .we support the decision.we also desire that tuff action needs to be taken against the person who will deposit the unaccounted cash in their account otherwise purpose shall be this county very few people are paying tax and facilities are enjoyed by all the population.

  13. D.R. Soni says:

    I feel this was a right decision taken by Mr.PM to counteract terrorist financing and circulation of fake currency by Pakistan in our country. Wherever hard decisions are implemented some hardships have to be faced. I applaud this disciplinary action for strengthening our country’s economy. Bravo Mr. PM and long-live our nation.

  14. Hozefa says:

    Those in favour are the genuine remaining but subject to some exceptions are culprit.

  15. Mahesh says:

    Modiji is done fantastic decision for our Nation not for his personal life. We should appreciate and support to them. Our many political leaders/land lords was supreme s for the poor but now all are equal. Modiji ki jai

  16. SUSHIL GUPTA says:

    I support the litigation as it is rightly addressed for a cause whare the public is inconvinced ,I can see that on 9th people were refused medical attention + petty purchase of daily house needs such as bread and vegitables etc today 10th nov I see all white collered officers of senior level standing in ques at bank counter in the heat of sun sacrificing one day salary just to get hold of 4000 or 10000 rs cash for house emergency these officers have spent last 20-25 years working in pollution free air conditioned atmosphear, doctors practitioners occupying the brains and talent to grab some of the usable currency, I think all this is shear waste of time and energy of the 90% sincear citizens for the wrong dooings of a handful of people, I understand this step is taken as a cover to blind the comitments of getting back indian black money from foreign countries, govt stand that local black money will be unearthed, which is not true as most of it is parked in the agri sector or the bulian trade,this move will only see the hidden emergency cash of house holds enter the market. further the holiday will get the retail shops and small traders exposed of their real turnover.of sales

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