June 19, 2012

The Chairmen
All Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)

Madam / Dear Sir,

Monetary Policy Statement 2012-13 – IT and IS Governance structures

Please refer to the paragraphs 121-123 of the Monetary Policy Statement 2012-13, wherein we have emphasized the importance of implementing IT and IS Governance structure in banks. It is expected that all banks adopt appropriate frameworks for both IT and IS Governance and put in place the proper structure and systems. Accordingly, we request you to take up suitable steps at your end in this regard and ensure that the issues relating to governance, information security and business continuity get adequate attention at the Board level. In this regard, the document prepared by IDRBT on the ‘Organizational Structure for IT in the Indian Banking Sector’ can serve as a reference manual.

2. Please acknowledge receipt.

Yours faithfully


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