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Preksha ChorariaEverybody applauding the Demonetization scheme of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes introduced by our honourable PM Mr.Narendra Modi but is it really worth it? I would request Modiji to relieve me from following doubts.

  1. Why such abrasive decision before UP elections?
  2. As per Mr.Arvind Kejriwal bank deposits increased during last 3-4 months. Were BJP members were well informed about the scheme before hand?
  3. Who is responsible for the deaths caused by the Demonetisation scheme?
  4. Does this scheme guarantee “No corruption” in future?
  5. Why do small farmers and traders (some of them even having no bank account) have to stand in long queue to exchange or deposit meagre savings of Rs.1.5 to 2 lakhs?
  6. Is your scheme targeting black money or small savings?
  7. By bringing the genuine savings in circulation do you want to cover up your false promise of bringing over seas black money?
  8. Why is common man not able to meet his basic necessities due to lack of valid currencies ?
  9. Even after the “liberalisation privatisation and globalisation” reforms why common man has to suffer all the restrictions and barriers imposed by government?
  10. What do you have to say about the black money hoarder’s “discounting” practice which is going on in the entire nation?

Modiji do share with me your “mann ki baat” on above issues!!!!!

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46 responses to “Demonetisation scheme- 10 Questions PM needs to Answer”

  1. Preksha choraria says:

    Thanks all for your comments.
    I have written this article as a common man and not as a CA. I have asked these question which every person have who is out there standing in lines for exchanging or depositing their own money. We as CA can very well assess the long term benefits but what about the hardships of farmers, small traders, labourers???? I have no allegations but these questions are posed by a common man.

  2. Preksha says:

    Thanks all for your comments!!
    I have written this article not as a CA but as a common man. I have experienced the pain of people who are standing in lines without any fault. The are in pain.
    My article is not in form of allegation but i want these answers from Mr.Narendrabhai Modi. These are issues being faced by common man…if it hurts your alls feeling then I regret it. Have you ever thought of the farmers who dont have enough money to buy the seeds? (Although government has now brought some remedy!) Have you thought about the families whos kin has died standing in queque? This was not the aim of demonetisation scheme!!

  3. Dhananjay Parchure says:

    Administrators are requested to keep the discussions apolitical. This is a professional forum and discussion on Economic” issues is expected. Questions like ÜP Elections” etc are being raised on wrong forum

  4. Ganeshram says:

    What do you have to say about the black money hoarder’s “discounting” practice which is going on in the entire nation? – See more at:
    Madam If you are a Real CA , by this question you are in severe trouble.
    As per your Institute You should work with Ethics
    So As a CA you must be having clients who is carrying out this , So Go and Inform the IT dept about such clients.
    Because as a CA you have connived with such persons and Wrting their account.
    Sure you will be in trouble.
    Stop supporting the Joker AK, who is a plant of Ford Foundation in India , to spoil our Country.
    He himself had admitted taking funds from Ford Foundation.
    Surgery is painful, but Saves life
    PM Shri Modi- the surgen has done a long needed surgery, which will Push India to the top.
    Please dont Fudge accounts for Black money Hoarders
    Jai Hind

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