Taxpayers can view the details of their Arrear Demand in ‘My Account’ as communicated by their jurisdictional Assessing Officers to CPC.

As a Taxpayer friendly initiative, a facility to view details of Arrear Demand of taxpayers as communicated by their Jurisdictional Assessing Officers (A.O.) to the Central Processing Centre (CPC) is now enabled on the e-filing website i.e. Taxpayers can now log in to ‘My Account’ window and view their Arrear Demand.

In case of any discrepancy please contact Nodal Officer of concerned CCIT charge designated for Demand Management Fortnight which has been extended for the period 24-09-2012 to 05-10-2012.

A list of Nodal Officers with contact details is also available on this website.

Steps to View Income tax Demand / Arrears  Payable Online

1. Login on

2.  Go to ‘My Account’  and Click on ‘Current Status of Arrear Demand’ as depicted in picture below :-

3. A New window will appear as shown below on click of  ‘Current Status of Arrear Demand’

4. Click on Submit button and a new window will open which will show the Outstanding Arrear Demand as communicated by your jurisdictional Assessing Officers to CPC.

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  1. Umesh Patil says:

    In Previous A.Y. I.T.Return filed manually in I.T.Office , if this A.Y. any demand arise and then after rectification u/s 154 demand will be nil. But in next A.Y. if I.T.R. e-filed, then the previous year demand will remain the same.
    On this point CPC said contact Local Assessing Officer for up lode NIL Demand. But Assessing Offise said that already demand will be NiL. Then what to do.

  2. S PRAKASH says:

    by viewing the demand can not be rectified,if the jurisdictional Assessing Officers have uploded the wrong demand and rectification U/s 154 are not given effect then the demand will remain the same. What is the use fo this facility?If there are mistakes, there should be provision to rectify or communicate to a person who can rectify the same immediatly.Other vise this facility is of no use.

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