Describing the committed taxpayers as “engines of economy”, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today exhorted the young IRS probationers to treat them as their clients and not as adversaries.

“The assessee is no longer considered an adversary, committed taxpayers are the engines of our economy and therefore important clients of Revenue Department,” Mukherjee said, while addressing the Indian Revenue Services (IRS) probationers at Parliament House complex here.

He said assessees’ “comfort zones” have to be significantly enhanced, even as deliberate evaders and offenders are punished.

The probationers were in the complex for a training programme on appreciation of Parliamentary processes and procedures. The programme was conducted by the Bureau of Parliament Studies and Training.

Mukherjee said liberalisation, globalisation, technological innovation are not mere buzzwords, but real happenings driven by men and market forces that are sometimes not within personal control.

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  1. k.s.gahunia says:

    The IRS probationers might be doing so as instructed by F.M. but what about the clerks who receive the ITR or any documents being filed. “File untraceable” is a common occurrence with the department. specially for those who do not comply to their expectations.The subordinates seems at times can make the work of IRS pending with one reason or the other.
    Thus causing delay in refunds beside making the assessee to visit the department numerious times with out any resolution. It is also a fact that assessees that comply with the expectations of the clerk gets taken cared off & refunds are release before anyone else.

  2. Nem Singh says:

    Good massage from the FM but always the tax department discurrage the assessee by creating unnecessary proceedings. I think it should be on the basis of negociation with the mediators. If it is found that realy any person a tax evaders than also a compromise proceedings be lauched.

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