Section 144C of the Income-tax Act, 1961 – Reference to dispute resolution panel (DRP) – Supersession of order No. 173/2009, dated 30-11-2009 relating to nomination of members to DRP

ORDER NO. 1/FT&TR/2010, DATED 10-2-2010

In supersession of Order No. 173/2009, dated 30th November, 2009 and in exercise of powers conferred under section 144C of the Income-tax Act, 1961, the Board hereby constitutes the Dispute Resolution Panel(DRP) comprising of three Commissioners of Income-tax/Director of Income-tax as Members of DRP at the places given below with immediate effect and until further orders.

Place of DRP Members of DRP
Shri Tejinder Singh, DIT(Intl. Tax), Pune
Ahmedabad Shri B.N. Panda, CIT-II, Ahmedabad
Shri Atulesh Jindal, CIT-VI, Ahmedabad
Shri L.N. Pant, DIT(Intl. Tax), Ahmedabad
Pune Shri S.K. Mishra, CIT-II, Pune
Shri A.C. Shukla, CIT-III, Pune
Mumbai, DRP-I Smt. Poonam Dutt, DIT(Intl. Tax), Mumbai
Shri Z.S. Kiar, CIT-VII, Mumbai
Shri Devendra Shankar, CIT Alwar
Mumbai, DRP-II Smt. Poonam Dutt, CIT(Intl. Tax), Mumbai
Shri S.K. Sahai, CIT-II, Jaipur
Shri A.K. Jaiswal, CIT-XVI, Mumbai
Chennai Shri N.P. Singh, DIT(Intl. Tax), Chennai
Shri B. Murali Kumar, CIT-X, Chennai
Shri Ajay Kumar Srivastava, CIT-V, Chennai
Shri Virendra Singh, DIT(Intl. Tax)-II, Delhi
Kolkata Shri P.C. Srivastava, CIT-I, Kolkata
Shri P.K. Ray, CIT-II, Kolkata
Delhi, DRP-I Shri Vijay Sharma, CIT-I, Delhi
Smt. Vijay Sharma, CIT-I, Delhi
Shri Gopal Karnal, DIT(Intl. Tax)-I, Delhi
Delhi, DRP-II Shri S.G. Joshi, CIT-III, Delhi
Shri Hari Krishna, CIT-V, Delhi
Shri Virendra Singh, DIT(Intl. Tax)-II, Delhi
Hyderabad Shri M.S. Chandra Sekharan, CIT-V, Hyderabad
Shri F.M. Mohanty, CIT-IV, Hyderabad
Shri V. Naga Prasad, CIT(TDS), Hyderabad

2. This issue with approval of Chairman, CBDT.

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