F. No. DGIT(S)/DIT(S)-3/AST/Time Barring Matters/84/2016-17

Dated: 08/12/2016


The Pr Chief Commissioners of Income-tax/Pr DGsIT/ CCsIT/DGsIT (By Name)

The Pr Commissioner of Income-tax/CsIT(By Name)


Subject: Status of Time Barring Scrutiny Assessments- Pendency as on 05/12/2016 – Reg.

This is in continuation of this office letter dated 23.11.2016 on the above subject.

2. The complete data as well as the AO/Range/CIT-wise summary of pendency of Time Barring scrutiny assessments as on 05/12/2016 has been extracted from the database and summary regionwise is attached. The detailed list is placed on the i-taxnet server at the following path.

“Resources Downloads SystemsAST Time Barring MattersList of time barring assessment cases pending as on 05/12/2016”.

3. The list includes 93,629 cases pending u/s 143(3), 147, 153A/C and may be cross verified against actual pendency:

i. Total time barring cases U/S 143(3): 58351

ii. Total time barring cases U/S 147: 27668

iii. Total time barring cases U/S 153A/C:   7610

4. As mentioned in the earlier letter, it is requested that all scrutiny assessments, including cases in Central, International Taxation and Exemption charges, should be entered in the AST system so that the pending proceedings get closed and the correct demand position is available.

5. In case there are any technical difficulties faced, officers can immediately contact the ITBA helpdesk (0120-2772828–42) or escalate to Sh. Chetan Rangaswamy (9013850077), [email protected] Sh. Vikrant Khanna (9013850919), [email protected]

Yours sincerely,

(Ramesh Krishnamurthi)

Addl.DG(S)-3, New Delhi

Copy to:

1. The P.P.S to Chairman, Member(L&C), Member(Inv.), Member(IT), Member(Rev.), Member(A&J)& member(P&V),CBDT for information.

2. The P.S. to Pr.DGIT(S) for information.

3. The Web Manager, for www.irsofficersonline.gov.in website.

(Ramesh Krishnamurthi)

Addl. DG(S)-3,New Delhi

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