Tax Bar Association Jodhpur (Rajasthan) has made a representation to Hon’ble Minister of Finance on the issues being faced by Tax Payer community with the much advertised new IT Portal. They submitted that The portal itself is an issue. Full text if their representation is as follows:- 

Date: 16/06/2021

Hon’ble Minister of Finance,

Hon’ble Madam,
Greetings of the Day!

Sub: Issues in New IT Portal

We are an association of Chartered Accountants, Advocates and Tax Practitioners. Our association and its members are involved in spreading knowledge and information in the field of Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes. Our members act as bridge between the Tax Departments and also the Tax Payers.

At the outset, we thank you for providing us the opportunity to represent on the issues being faced by Tax Payer community with the much advertised new IT Portal, which even on this 16th day of its launch process have not taken off what to talk of being settling down.

Madam, permit us to say this that there are no issues in Portal and in fact the portal itself is an issue. We may sound a bit hard but the truth must prevail. The portal itself is an issue.

We are listing around 38 issues in portal and this is the beginning only because still we are working on preliminary aspects and further issues are bound to arise when we start working with the Portal and make Tax Compliances on behalf of our clients, the valued Tax Payers of the Nation.

1. DSC not getting registered or updated.

2. New Incorporated companies or Firms are not able to register themselves on ITD Portal.

3. Forget password option not working.

4. IT Returns of earlier years filed cannot be downloaded and if downloaded no data appearing therein.

5. IT acknowledgements IT Returns of earlier years filed can’t be downloaded and if downloaded no data appearing therein.

6. DIN Number not getting auto populated in new ITD website

7. Challan Numbers not getting validated

8. For Compliance with regard to Vivad se Vishwas Act no tab is appearing.

9. Unable to file TDS/TCS Returns

10. Unable to file 15CA/15CB

11. E proceedings tab not working. AOs are issuing notices with time limits to ask for replies but we cannot file any reply because E-proceeding tab is not working. Earlier filed replies and notices are also not visible.

12. Grievances registered on ITD website are deleted without addressing

13. Old demands outstanding not reflected

14. Old Grievances registered not reflected

15. Unable to file Income Tax Returns for Assessment Year 2021-22.

16. Accounts get locked, if we try to login and not able to login due to non-operability of site

17. Unable to raise refund reissue request

18. Unable to view Form No. 26AS

19. PAN Number is not shown as valid

20. Mismatch in PAN Data is shown when technically there is no mismatch

21. JSON Utility for filing returns for assessment year 2021-22 not available

22. If one is lucky to file a return then, while filing Verification in ITR if we select ‘Self’ in capacity then Name disappeared n Shown in validation errors.

23. UDIN is also not able to update for last month audit and other certification done by Chartered Accountants.

24. Rectification of return options not available and time limits are running out.

25. Return processed in March 2021 now shows under processing in view details.

26. Appeal filing after filling the form when you press save the data gets deleted. Also submit button not available on screen hence cannot file appeals.

27. Mismatch between date of birth as per pan & aadhaar & as per portal.

28. Most of PAN Numbers are converted from non-active to active status for Non Corporate as well as Corporate

29. Sources of Income – Mapped for the employees with 24Q data ( 12 months entries are shown ) & Property details mapped with old IT Returns filed even though same property is shown twice in some cases

30. Profile percentage increased from 70% to 85% for non corporate assessees & for corporate assessee up to 95% till now as seen

31. For AOP/BOI- if key member details is updated with PAN Number of Key Member then whether such has registered DSC or not is auto populated – thus it appears that for AOP/BOI there won’t be requirement to update DSC separately though suitable clarifications is desired

32. For Corporate Assessee, name of the directors is not allowed to added but it captures DIN Number properly

33. TAN Number Login on new ITD is still not enabled which is necessary for filing TDS/TCS returns.

34. For Corporate DSC update, email linked to Authorized signatory DSC needs to be updated ………………… but DSC registration is taking time but getting updated in the early hours.

35. Portal is running very slow and behave erratically. Some information becomes visible at one login but disappears on subsequent login

36. All trusts, etc. are to apply for fresh approval as mandated by the Income Tax Act. The related applications are to be filed upto 30.06.2021 but form no. 10A is not available for filing on the Portal.

37. Old filed forms, audit reports, etc. are not available for download and downloaded then no data appearing.

38. E-verification of old filed ITRs is not happening.

All in all it can be said that the Portal is not allowing any compliance to be done or any past record to be accessed. Means it is not functioning for the purpose it was designed.

Kindly consider the above issue and provide appropriate relief.

Our suggestion is that for the Current year the old portal, which was functioning very well, be restored and let the service provider retest its new portal and as and when, after the filing season goes off, the new Portal may be re-launched. This is the only way to save the time, cost and energy of the Tax Compliant Community of India, which includes our members and Tax Payers both.

Yours Faithfully,
A Definite Partner in Nation Building
Tax Bar Association, Jodhpur

(CA. Rakesh Bhandari)

(CA. Manoj Gupta)

Download Representation to FM on Issues in New Income Tax Portal

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