Letter [F. No. HRD/CMD/123/2/2011-12/2301], Dated 23-11-2012

Assessment officers of many charges have conveyed to the Board that they are not being provided any secretarial assistance or other office help and they are left with no option but to make private arrangement to finalise their assessment orders and other time bound matters.

2. Chairperson, CBDT has viewed this matter very seriously. While it is true that the Department is presently facing shortages of manpower, however, the current situation where assessing officers are forced to make private arrangements for secretarial assistance and other help to run their office is highly undesirable and cannot be allowed to continue without seriously compromising the functioning of the Department.

3. In this regard, the undersigned is directed to draw your kind attention to the Rule 178 of GFR 2005 which allows outsourcing of certain services in the Interest of economy and efficiency. It is also noted that every Commissionerate has already been sanctioned a budget of Rs. 30 lacs for meeting expenses of this nature. You are accordingly requested to ensure that these funds are properly utilised and every assessing officer in all the Commissionerates under your charge is provided with adequate secretarial assistance and other office help either through the regular employees of the department or through outsourcing. In case, further funds are needed in this regard, requisition should immediately be sent to the DIT (Expenditure Budget) under DG (Logistics). All action In this regard may be completed by the end of this month.

4. In order to assess the prevailing shortage of manpower in your respective charge, following information is required: –

1. The total number of assessing officers presently in position In your charge
2 The number of (a) Secretarial assistants; (b) DEOs; (c) MTS provided to each of the assessing officers
3. The total number of (a) Secretarial assistants; (b) DEOs; (c) MTS hired through outsourcing
4. The total number of PS, Steno Gr. I, Steno Gr. II, STA, TA and MTS in position

5. The aforesaid information covering all the Commissionerates in the CCA region should be sent in the following format to the undersigned, with a copy sent by e-mail as well at [email protected] positively by November 30, 2012:


Number in position

Number of Stenos

Number of DEOs

Number of MTS

Regular employees

Through outsourcing

Regular employees

Through outsourcing

Regular employees

Through outsourcing


This issues with the approval of the Chairperson, CBDT and may be treated as most urgent.

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