1. A taxpayer may have received an e-mail informing that his return has been processed and the refund amount will be credited to the pre-validated bank account. He must be wondering even after so many days why the amount has not been reflected in his account.

2. The Income Tax department has initiated a new process to submit a response for Income Tax Refund. The taxpayer needs to submit a response that the refund claim computed by the department is correct as per his calculation or else a revised return is being filed for claiming the correct refund amount.

3. STEP BY STEP PROCEDURE TO SUBMIT REFUND RESPONSE: Perform the following steps to submit a Refund confirmation response

3.1 Login to’ e- Filing Portal www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in.

3.2 Click on the ‘Worklist’ menu and click on the ‘For Your Action ‘link.

Step by step procedure to submit refund response Image 13.3 Choose one of the following options and submit:-

(a) The claim of refund is correct to the best of my knowledge

(b) Return of income is being revised wherein correct claim of refund shall be made.

Step by step procedure to submit refund response Image 23.4 A success message will be displayed confirming the submission of response for refund confirmation

Step by step procedure to submit refund response Image 34 Refund shall be issued to the pre-validated bank account only. In case of refund failure, the taxpayer can raise the service request in the e-Filing portal upon receiving communication from CPC.

5. If the taxpayer does not have any Pre validated bank accounts, then he is directed to Pre validate the bank account Screen. In this screen, the taxpayer should enter all relevant details of the bank account where he intends to receive a refund and click on the ‘Pre validate’ button to proceed with the request submission. After this Account is pre-validated by the concerned bank, the bank account will be automatically considered for refund re-issue. This account will now be displayed under Pre-validated bank accounts in the e-Filing portal.

6. In case the pre-validation of the account fails, then the same will be communicated to the taxpayer by CPC. The taxpayer is required to resubmit the request for refund re-issue/pre-validation of the bank account.

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  1. G Senthil kumar says:

    As per the new updates, Name in Bank account must match with PAN name, then only the refund will get processed.
    How many of you facing this problem.

  2. Munawwar shaikh says:

    I don’t have indian mobile number to prevalidate my bank account my bank accounts link with my foreign mobile number . And the system not accept foreign mobile number in this case how to prevalidate my bank account my refund stuck please help me

  3. Kamlesh Kumar jha says:

    I return filled on 6th November and everified. by 11th of November but refund not release yet now .however normaly 45 days limit for processing .

  4. maxie monteiro says:

    This is nothing but a ploy. No accountability. Dont understand why make things complicated. A 45 page ITR. I guess, we are in a progressive country where everyone is now looked upon as a thief. God bless us and our beloved country. Hopefully, sane wisdom dons us sooner than later.

  5. Rajesh Thakkar Advocate says:

    Madam, after reading your article I checked my clients refund status and I found that the refund amount is credited without above stating process. Therefore, I of the opinion that if you have any grievance then you follow the above process. In other words it is not compulsory to follow the above procedure in each case.

    1. Anita Bhadra says:

      This particular AY, I Tax portal is working in a very strange manner.
      In some cases, a refund has been credited to the account effortlessly in due course of a time whilst many of the taxpayers are struggling to get a refund.
      Since the department has initiated a new process, it is advisable to do the process.
      It May not be mandatory.

  6. Jitendra S. Shah says:

    I am of the opinion that it should be obligation to the Income Tax Department Bangalore to issue confirmation to each party from whom they are received in Individual/HUF/partnership/ pvt.ltd/ ltd company to give/issue of acknowledgement of ITR filed received by their depart for process within certain specific time so that each and every ITR people are become sure that their ITR is well received by the I.T. Department. And further their is any refund or demand is due must be calculated from the receipt date. At present this applicable only on issue of order processed. This will enable to applicable ITR Filed as early as possible and quick filling return.

  7. Bajrang Lal Agarwal says:

    I refund returned on 04/12/2020 due to account not pre validated.Now I validate my account. After about 15 days I have not receive mail from ITO.In this reference I complaint to ITO bangalore 2 times and they insure that my complaint sent to related department but till time the income tax portal not completed.when I ho to new request for refund reissue the portal shown refund not failure.
    Thanks and regards


    More complications. Next step would be to authenticate the pre validated account, then to to accept the name is correct then the gender and so on.

  9. Tiru Narayan says:

    I must have been lucky thus far. I have had no issue with my refund.

    This is an useful posting, however, for my future use if needed.

    Very many thanks, Srimathi / Sowbhagyavathi Anita Bhadra

  10. janaki ram kota says:

    Madam Thanks a lot it is really useful. one of my client was granted a refund nearly two months ago a big amount and the same is not credited in his account. Probably this could be the reason. Thanks again for the enlightenment – jr kota

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