F.No. A-11011/2/2019-Ad.VI
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Direct Taxes
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North Block, New Delhi
The 04th October, 2019


The following transfer/posting of the officers in the grade of Chief Commissioner of Income Tax and Principal Commissioner of Income Tax to the Newly Created Regional e-Assessment Centre (ReACs) at various Station across India are, hereby, ordered, with immediate effect and until further orders: –


Civil Code Name of the Officer From To
1 86013 SMITA JHINGRAN DGIT(I&CI), Delhi CCIT(ReAC), Delhi
3 85034 ANU J . SINGH CCIT-2, Chennai CCIT(ReAC) , Chennai
4 86035 KAUSHALENDRA K. SINGH CCIT-3, Kolkata CCIT(ReAC), Kolkata


SI.No. Civil Code Name of the Officer From To
1 88007 ALKA BHARGAVA SINGH UOP, Meerut PCIT(ReAC), Delhi-2
2 88025 KAVITA BHATNAGAR PCIT-9, Delhi PCIT (ReAC), Delhi-3
3 88043 NEENA SINGH PANDEY PCIT-8, Delhi PCIT (ReAC), Delhi-4
4 88085 GOVIND LAL PCIT-12, Delhi PCIT(ReAC) , Delhi-5
5 89031 DINESH K. CHHABLANI PCIT(C)-1, Mumbai PCIT(ReAC), Mumbai-1
6 89017 RATNA DAS GUPTA PCIT-17, Mumbai PCIT (ReAC). Mumbai-2
7 88059 M. RAVINDRA SAl PCIT-8, Mumbai PCIT (ReAC), Mumbai-3
8 88081 KAUSHAL K. SRIVASTAVA PCIT-2, Patna PCIT(ReAC), Mumbai-4
9 87087 K. GNANA PRAKASH PCIT, Thiruvananthapuram PCIT(ReAC) , Chennai-1
10 88040 P.B. SEKARAN PCIT, Kozhikode PCIT(ReAC), Chennai-2
11 89011 JAHANZEB AKHTAR PCIT, Puducherry PCIT(ReAC), Chennai-3
12 88070 STEPHEN GEORGE PCIT-7, Chennai PCIT (ReAC), Chennai-4
13 88033 JAYANT DIDDI PCIT-10, Kolkata PCIT (ReAC), Kolkata-1
14 88082 HEMANT J. LAL PCIT-14, Kolkata PCIT (ReAC), Kolkata-2
15 88035 MD. MOHSIN ALAM PCIT-11, Kolkata PCIT (ReAC), Kolkata-3
16 89021 VIVEKMISRA PCIT-17, Kolkata PCIT (ReAC) , Kolkata-4
17 89010 RAJTANDON PDIT(Inv.), Ahmedabad PCIT (ReAC), Ahmedabad-1
18 88062 RAJEEV VARSHNEY PCIT-6, Ahmedabad PCIT (ReAC), Ahmedabad-2
19 87069 YOGESH PANDE PCIT-2, Sangalore PCIT (ReAC), Sangalore-1
20 89027 SHISHIR AGARWAL PCIT, Sareilly PCIT (ReAC}, Hyderabad-1
21 88003 VASUNDHARA  SINHA PCIT(OSD), Delhi PCIT (ReAC), Hyderabad-2
22 88026 YESHWANT U. CHAVAN PCIT-5, Chennai PCIT (ReAC), Pune-1
23 87076 ANAND SHARAN SINGH PCIT, Aligarh PCIT (ReAC), Pune-2

2. Apart from the above, the following Additional charge arrangements are also ordered with immediate effect and until further orders: –

SI. No. Post Additional charge(s) to be held by (Smt./Sh.)
1 DGIT(I&CI), Delhi Asha Agarwa l, Pr. DGIT(Admn.&TPS)
2 CCIT(TDS), Delhi Seema Khorana Patra, Pr.CCIT, Delhi
3 CCIT(TDS) , Mumbai S.K. Gupta , Pr.CCIT, Mumbai
4 CCIT-2, Chennai Arvind Kumar, CCIT-3, Chennai
5 CCIT-3, Kolkata Siswanath Jha, Pr.CCIT, Kolkata
6 PCIT-8, Delhi Prashant Shushan, PCIT-18, Delhi
7 PCIT-9, Delhi Prashant Shushan, PCIT-18, Delhi
8 PCIT-12, Delhi P.K. Shrivastava, PCIT-2, Delhi
9 PCIT-20, Delhi Mukesh Mittal, PCIT-6, Delhi
10 PCIT-21, Delhi Archana Choudhary, PCIT-24, Delhi
11 PCIT(C)-1, Mumbai Irina Garg, PCIT(C)-3, Mumbai
12 PCIT(C)-4, Mumbai Irina Garg, PCIT(C)-3, Mumbai
13 PCIT-8, Mumbai Anil Kumar, PCIT-4, Mumbai
14 PCIT-17, Mumbai Yogender Chaudhry , PCIT-27, Mumbai
15 PCIT-22, Mumbai Y.K. Singh, PCIT-16, Mumbai
16 PCIT-24, Mumbai Yogender Chaudhry , PCIT-27, Mumbai
17 PCIT-26, Mumbai Y .K. Singh, PCIT-16, Mumbai
18 PCIT-2, Patna Shouvik Guha, PCIT-1, Patna
19 PCIT, Shagalpur Shouvik Guha, PCIT-1, Patna
20 PCIT, Thiruvananthapuram Narendera Gour, PCIT-1, Kochi
21 PCIT, Kozhikode Ravi Sarangal, PCIT, Kottayam
22 PCIT, Puducherry Harsh Prakash, PCIT-1, Chennai
23 PCIT-5, Chennai Tripti Biswas, PCIT-2, Chennai
24 PCIT-6, Chennai Radha Raman Pathak, PCIT-4, Chennai
25 PCIT-7, Chennai P.N. Devadasan, PCIT-8, Chennai
26 PCIT-2, Kolkata T. Tensing Prasad, PCIT-8, Kolkata
27 PCIT-10, Kolkata T. Tensing Prasad, PCIT-8, Kolkata
28 PCJT-11, Kolkata Rajiv Sinha, PCIT-12, Kolkata
29 PCIT-14, Kolkata Naveen Chandra, PCIT-15, Kolkata
30 PCIT-17, Kolkata Prawin Kumar, PCIT-18, Kolkata
31 PCIT, Asansol Naveen Chandra, PCIT-15, Kolkata
32 PDIT(Inv.), Ahmedabad Suresh Kumar, PCIT(C),Ahmedabad
33 PCIT-4, Ahmedabad Pradeep Mehrotra, PCIT-2,Ahmedabad
34 PCIT-6, Ahmedabad Naresh Kumar Balodia, PCIT-5, Ahmedabad
35 PCIT-2, Bangalore R.N. Parbat, PCIT-5, Bangalore
36 PCIT, Mysore S.V.S.S. Prasad, PCIT-3, Bangalore
37 PCIT, Bareilly Sanjay Mishra, PCIT-2, Lucknow
38 PCIT, Moradabad Sanjay Mishra, PCIT-2, Lucknow
39 PCIT, Aligarh Renu Johri , PCIT-1, Agra

3. The compliance reports regarding relieving I joining of the above officers shall be forwarded by the Pr. CCIT (CCA) concerned to the Board and Data Base Cell, CBDT by 07.10.2019 (f.N.) positively. All the relieving and joining should mandatorily be done by the officer concerned and approved by the concerned Pr. CCIT (CCA) online on www.irsofficersonline.gov.in .

(Rakesh Kumar)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Tel. 011-2309-5577

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