The facility to provide response against outstanding tax demand is made available to the assessee in the e-Filing portal. After Login on , select e-File then select Response to Outstanding Tax Demand and the most appropriate options may be selected to provide response.

Three type of responses can be submitted by the options available

(a)   Demand is correct

If you confirm “demand is correct” then you cannot “disagree with the demand”

(b)   Demand is partially correct

If this option is chosen, you are required to specify amount which is correct

(c)   Disagree with Demand

If this option is chosen,  you are required to select one of the following reasons and provide requisite details:

(i)      Demand Paid-provide challan payment details

(ii)     Demand already reduced by rectification-provide details of the order

(iii)   Demand reduced by Appellate Order-provide Order details

(iv)   Appeal filed-Provide details

(v)     Rectification/revised Return Filed-provide details

(vi)   Rectification filed with Assessing Officer-provide application details

(vii)    Others-write reasons

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