NOTIFICATION NO. 292/2007, DATED 31-12-2007

The President of India is pleased to give his assent to the constitution of the Directorate of Income Tax, Human Resource Development (HRD), Central Board of Direct Taxes, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, with immediate effect.

  1. The functions of the Directorate of Income Tax (HRD) shall be as under:

(i)        To develop and design strategic human resource plans, policies and processes aligned with the goal and vision of the Income Tax Department for ensuring optimal resource mobilisation and delivery of taxpayer services,

(ii)       To assess and determine the job requirements job profiles and skills needed for various jobs in the Income Tax Department, and make projections of human resource requirements,

(iii)      To assist CBDT in designing and implementing policies for systematic career progression, equal opportunity, gender equity, counseling and employee welfare,

(iv)      To operate a human resource information system by accessing database maintained by CBDT.

(v)        To assist CBDT in developing and implementing proper human resource development policies including those relating to recruitment, promotions, performance appraisals, transfers and succession plans.

(vi)       To design a scientific and objective performance management system to foster accountability and develop a scientific scheme for linking of rewards to performance,

(vii)     To identify training needs, formulate training policies and facilitate skill enhancement, and to coordinate with other educational/training institutions/agencies in India and abroad for training of officers of the Department,

(viii)    To foster international co-operation for incorporating administrative best practices in the field of tax administration,

(ix)      Any other matter which may be specially assigned by the CBDT.

  1. The Directorate of Income Tax (HRD) will be headed by a Director General of Income Tax (HRD) who will be an officer of the level of Chief Commissioner of Income Tax and will be located in New Delhi. The Directorate shall have a Director of Income Tax (HRD) who shall be an officer of the rank of Commissioner of Income Tax.
  2. The Directorate of Income Tax (HRD) shall have three divisions of Cadre Management, Performance Management, and Training and Capacity Building. These divisions would be headed by officers of the rank of Additional Commissioners of Income Tax who would perform the functions enclosed as Annexure ‘1’. The divisions shall report to Director of Income Tax (HRD). The functions assigned to the divisions can be amended by the Central Board of Direct Taxes.
  3. The Directorate of Income Tax (HRD) will function under the administrative control of the Director General of Income Tax (HRD) New Delhi.
  4. The Directorate of Income Tax (HRD) shall be an attached office of CBDT and its proposals shall be put up to Director General of Income Tax (HRD), who will put up the same to Member (Personnel), Central Board of Direct Taxes.
  5. The staff requirements of the Directorate of Income Tax (HRD) will be met from within the overall sanctioned strength of the Income Tax Department.




  1. Cadre Management Division:

(i)        Manpower forecasting and planning;

(ii)       Staffing;

(iii)      Proposing changes in the recruitment rules;

(iv)      Drawing annual direct recruitment plan and projecting requirement of staff and officers yearly;

(v)        Designing HR policies, processes and systems and aligning the CBDT’s long-term goals to HR systems and processes, including proposals for diversion of posts from one functional area to another;

(vi)       Identifying officers with the requisite skill-sets like advocacy, international taxation, fiscal policy & management, tax administration etc., provide requisite training & institutional support;

(vii)        Accessing database of employees maintained by the CBDT for Human Resource Information System, such as training, placement, skill upgradation and succession planning and query resolution;

(viii)    Identifying and recommending welfare measures and providing counseling services on technical and personal matters; and

(ix)      Any other function assigned to it by higher authorities.

  1. Performance Management and ACR Division:

(i)        Development of Management Information System (MIS) and Performance Management System (PMS) for capturing individual performances;

(ii)       Development of performance indicators for the organization, group and individual posts based on objective goal setting taking into consideration manpower and infrastructural constraints;

(iii)      Designing of a scientific appraisal system, and a scheme of performance measurement etc.;

(iv)      Coordinating annual performance appraisals;

(v)        Linking of rewards with performance and designing appropriate reward policy;

(vi)       Liaisoning with “external consultants” to develop a suitable system to track, support and monitor individual performance and maintain accountability;

(vii)     Designing of ACR formats; and

(viii)    Any other function assigned to it by higher authorities.

  1. Training and Capacity Building Division:

(i)        Organising and coordinating in-service training programs in coordination with DG, NADT for officers of the department at service internals (e.g. 6-9 years of service, 10-16, 17-19 & 20-30 years of service) with a number of institutions inside and outside the country;

(ii)       Development of trainers;

(iii)      Development of viable models of ‘Training Needs Analysis’, ‘Direct Trainers Skills’, ‘Designs for Training’ etc;

(iv)      Nomination of officers for training based on Training Need Analysis in consultation with DG, NADT;

(v)        Coordination with foreign institutions for training of officers through domestic sources;

(vi)       Developing Centres for Fiscal Policy (esp. taxation policy) in collaboration with foreign institutions;

(vii)     Organising domestic training programmes in direct taxation and fiscal/public policy; and

(viii)    Any other function assigned to it by higher authorities.

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