Note for information of prospective candidates for Departmental Examination – 2012 for ITO/ITI

1. Online Application for Departmental Examination – 2012 for ITO/ITI

For the Departmental Examination 2012 for ITO/ITI application forms will be accepted online. Benefits of online application

• The application form will be so structured that there will be no possibility of the candidate leaving out some details or giving erroneous information. Upto now, in case of incomplete or erroneous information in application form, the records have to be verified manually which delays the declaration of results.

• It will speeden data acquisition regarding the number of candidates appearing in the exams which will enable the making of adequate timely arrangements for smooth conduct of examination.

• There have been instances in the past when application forms from CCIT/CIT (In charge of Examination) have arrived long after the last date for form submission. In such cases, due to paucity of time, admit cards could not be issued to some candidates thereby preventing them from appearing in the exams. Online application submission will prevent such eventualities.

• In the Departmental Examinations upto 2011, the paper application forms had to be scanned and then the data was used for result compilation. Online application submission will save time by ending the need for scanning.

Process of online application

• The candidate shall fill the application form online on the website which is a simple, user friendly and interactive process that takes less than 5 minutes. The candidate is also required to upload a passport size photograph and his scanned signature.

• Candidates are expected to be familiar with the rules governing the department examinations. These rules namely “Amended Departmental Examination Rules for Income Tax Officers-2009” and “Amended Departmental Examination Rules for Income Tax Inspectors-2009” (both effective from 2010 examination onwards) shall be made available as links on the webpage of online application process for ready reference of candidates.

• Candidates are advised to keep the following ready before filling up the form online.

(a) Details of Papers passed earlier i.e. old Roll no. with which the candidate appeared and Marks in each Paper qualified.

(b) Record of number of attempts taken.

(c) Passport size photograph in .jpg format for uploading (size not more than 30k)

(d) Scanned signature in .jpg format for uploading. (size not more than 30k)

• The candidate has to take the print out after his successful online registration. This print-out has to be submitted by the candidate to his controlling officer/DDO, as being done in earlier years. The controlling officer/DDO will attest the same and shall forward it to the CCIT/CIT(Exam).

• The CCIT/CIT (Exam) shall, after verification/certification, scan all the application forms so received in their respective regions. The scanned forms shall be sent by them in digital form to the DIT(IT). The physical forms (print-outs after attestation and certification) shall also be sent to this Directorate as being done in earlier years.

2. The dates for Departmental Examination – 2012 for ITO/ITI/MS

The dates for the conduct of the Departmental Examination 2012 for ITO/ITI/MS were finalized after discussion with the representatives of the ITEF and keeping in mind the returns receipt workload and the festive season. It has been decided that the Exams shall be held from Sept. 4, 2012 to Sept. 15, 2012.

This is only for the information of candidates. The Notification for Departmental Examination 2012 will be issued shortly.

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