Neena Kumar
Principal Director General
5th Floor, Mayur Bhawan,
Connaught Circus New Delhi-110001

D.O.F.No.Pr. DGIT(Admn. &TPS)/D0/2018-19/

Date: 16.04.2018


Sub: Misconduct and high handedness by Sr. Officers of the Department-reg.

The Board has constantly impressed upon the officers in the field formations the necessity of soft skills while dealing with taxpayers or their representatives. It is important that the behavior of officers and staff should be courteous, polite and above reproach. However, a number of complaints are being received in the Tax Payer Services Directorate and CBDT regarding harassment, misconduct and high handedness of Officers and staff. Such incidents damage the image and reputation of the Income Tax Department and dent the efforts of the Department to position itself as a service oriented organization.

May I, therefore request you to issue necessary instructions to your officers and staff to deal with public not only with administrative efficiency but also with the requisite soft skills. Their behaviour needs to be impeccable not only in the performance of their official duties but also decorous outside the office. Clause 3 and 3A (extract enclosed) and other applicable rules of the Central Civil Service (CCS) Conduct Rules, 1964 may kindly be reiterated in this regard.

Enclosed: As above


(Neena Kumar)

(As per list enclosed)

Shri. Prasana Kumar Dash
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax
(MP & CG)
Aayakar Bhavan
Hoshangabad Road

Shri. S.P. Choudhury
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax
Aayakar Bhavan
Rajaswa Vihar

Shri. L.C. Joshi Ranee
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax
(NER, Guwahati)
Aayakar Bhavan
Christian Basti, G.S. Road,

Shri. Shyama P. Choudhury
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax,
(Andhra Pradesh & Telegana)
10th Floor, I.T. Towers

Shri. Abhay Tayal
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax
(UP West & Uttarakhand)
Aayakar Bhavan
Civil Lines,

Shri. Pranab Kumar Das
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax
C.R. Building
I.S. Press Road

Shri. R.P. Srivastava
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax
(UP East & Lucknow)
Aayakar Bhavan
5-Ashok Marg

Shri. Sushil S. Rathore,
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax-Delhi,
3rd floor, C.R. Bldg., IP Estate,
New Delhi.

Shri. P.C. Mody
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Mumbai
Aayakar Bhavan
Maharishi Karve Road,

Shri, Rajnish Kumar
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax,
(Karnataka & Goa)
C.R. Building

Shri. Sushil Kumar
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax,
(Tamil Nadu & Puducherry)
121, Mahatma Gandhi Road,
Nungambakkam Road

Smt. Meeta Nambiar
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax,
New C.R. Building

Ms. Madhu Mahajan
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax,
(NWR, Chandigarh)
Aayakar Bhavan, Sector-17E,

Smt. Seema Khorana Patra
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax,
(WB & Sikkim)
Aayakar Bhavan,
P-7, Chowringhee Square
Shri. A.K. Jaiswal
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax
Aayakar Bhavan
Ashram Road

Shri, Pushpinder Singh Puniha
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax
Aayakar Bhavan
Telankhedi Road,
Civil Lines

Shri. K.C. Ghumaria
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax
(Bihar & Jharkhand)
Central Revenue Building
Birchand Patel Marg,

Shri. Vinodanand Jha
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax
Aayakar Bhavan
12, Sadhu Vaswani Chowk,

Shri Akhilesh Ranjan
Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income-tax (Intl. Taxation)
3rd Floor, E2-Block
Civic Centre
New Delhi.

Shri S.D. Jha
Chief Commissioner of Income-tax (Exemptions)
Civic Centre
New Delhi.

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One Comment

  1. V.K.GOVINDAN NAIR says:

    Even though my case was selected for Limited Scrutiny under CASS by the Income-Tax Deptt. for the Asst. Year 2015-16, it was converted to full & detailed scrutiny in the office of DCIT, Circle-1, Shimoga. I presume that this has been done on the suggestion & directions of Mr.Vageesh, Income-Tax Inspector, DCIT, Circle-1, Shimoga who was repeatedly posted to Shimoga since past 15 years & was linked to my case in majority of my scrutiny assessments. I was also surprised to note that how the higher authorities granted permission for full scrutiny without calling for the detailed information from AO. Thank God, I succeeded in First Appeal & proved that the case was illegally converted to full scrutiny with the main intent to harass me. Style of functioning of DCIT, Circle-1, Shimoga is very strange that she is issuing notices to assesses in scrutiny process one after the other under threat & grudge and make them to wait outside the chamber throughout the day for each response. Its also surprising to note that wherever Mr.Vageesh, was posted as ITI, there mine & my family cases come-up for scrutiny. My case was continuously taken up for full and detailed scrutiny by Income-Tax Dept. for the Asst. Year 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2014-15 & 2015-16. I have questioned this before the Income-Tax Deptt., but could not get proper response. In these years, I could not concentrate on personal issues but spent lot of my time & money to file letters, replies & appeals on visiting my Tax Consultant’s office in Income-Tax matter. I being a person of 73 years age , paying tax in higher slabs, required to face these type of harassments that too on paying legitimate taxes to Govt. ? In fact, all the issues raised in this petition is due to demand for high stake gratification which has forced them to dig my case, for which I will always be against.

    Aggrieved Assessee
    V.K.Govindan Nair

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