prpri Problems being faced in relation to New Income Tax Portal Memorandum on problems being faced in relation to New Income Tax Portal

Smt Nirmala Sitharaman ji,
The Union Finance Minister,
Government of India,
New Delhi.

Reg: Memorandum on the problems being faced in relation to New Income Tax Portal

Honorable Madam,

While we are proud of Your Honor as our Union Finance Minister for steering our economy so well even amidst & post-Covid difficult financial situation, we would like to bring to your kind notice the problems being faced with respect to the New Income Tax Portal through this Memorandum.

District Taxation Bar Association (Direct Taxes), Ludhiana was formed on 29th day of May, 1981 and for more than 39 years, the Bar Association has been serving to promote the Administration of Law and Justice and to promote up to date knowledge and study of taxation laws amongst the members by arranging seminars, talks and discussions on the subject of Direct Taxes. Our Association would like to invite your considerate intervention for resolving the following issues regarding New Income Tax Portal;

1. The Income Tax Return for the AY 2021-22 cannot be filed through any software or directly by uploading JSON file because this functionality has not been enabled at the Income Tax Portal. Due to this, the Public at large, who are applying for/ renewal of its Bank Loans, for applying tenders to various organization and for applying visa for going abroad etc. are facing lot of problems.

Further, validation errors in Income Tax Return filing utility are not being resolved. Certain information not getting prefilled such as Bank interest and dividend and differences are appearing in TDS information prefilled and that appearing in FORM 26AS.

Further, returns for A.Y. 2021-22 which are uploaded through utility available at the e-filing site are unable to e-verified by the aadhar or any other OTP.

2. The department has still not issued Schema (Electronic Form) of the various Income Tax Return Forms i.e. ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-5, ITR-6 & ITR-7 even after the passing of 3.5 months of the year.

3. The Electronic Forms i.e. Form 3CA-3CD and form 3CB-3CD for Audit u/s 44AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961 are still not available at the Income Tax Portal.

4. Many Income Tax Returns for the Assessment Year 2020-21 are not being processed. Due to which Income Tax Refunds are pending with the department even after more than 6 months of filing of Income Tax Returns and thereby the assessees are facing Liquidity Issues.

5. The Form No. 15CA and 15CB which are required for remittance of funds out of India have not been enabled at the Income Tax Portal.

6. Digital Signatures of the assessee are not getting properly updated at the Income Tax Portal and is subject to repeated glitches.

7. There is very slow speed of uploading replies/submissions at e-proceeding portal of the e-filing site. Sometimes replies uploaded are not reflected at the Income Tax Portal.

8. Forgot Password facility is not working properly. There is no Forget Password option to reset the password or the option to reset using the DSC as was available. Accounts are getting blocked on entering incorrect password for three times.

9. Income tax returns in response to notices u/s 148 of the Income tax Act, 1961 (Reassessment of Income) is not uploading at the e-filing site. Further, these returns are to be filed within 30 days and 30 days are already over but still the portal is not working.

10. The assessees are not able to file the form no. 35 i.e. regarding filing of appeal before Hon’ble CIT (Appeals) as there are some technical glitches. Either the form is not uploaded at the portal or data already submitted stands deleted. Further, not able to Add authorised representative in Filing of Appeals

11. Already filed appeals which have been partly heard, written submissions of the same are not reflecting at the Portal. Further in some old cases, remand reports are pending and the same are not being reflecting at the Portal. Rather such old Written Submissions are being called time and again.

12. Assesses are not able to download Intimations u/s 143(1) from the income tax portal for any year.

13. Assesses are not able to download receipts of any forms already uploaded at the Income tax site.

14. Old Rectification Applications, u/s 154 which are pending, are not reflecting at the portal.

15. Form 10A and 10B for registration of Charitable Institutions are still not available at Portal.

16. Legal heir of deceased assessee is not able to get himself register for filing of ITR, Submissions or appeal.

17. Applications filed for low deduction u/s 195(2)/197 are not getting reflected at the Income tax Portal.

18. Income tax department (faceless assessment unit) has imposed Penalties in many cases, inspite of the fact of non-working of the Income tax site from 1st June, 2021 onwards.

19. Taxpayers are facing problems in updating their profiles to 100% level due to which the taxpayers are unable to access some of the features of the website.

20. Activation emails remain undelivered in case of Registration of new PAN/TAN on the portal.

21. Facility of Know Your TAN is not properly activated, due to which Trade Name behind the Individual TAN is not traceable for TDS as appearing in 26AS.

Besides the above issues, taxpayers are not able to access old records and also there are other anomalies in past tax records.

Due to the above issues and problems, not only that we are unable to reply to the notices of the Income-tax Department, we are also unable to do compliances for which due dates are fast approaching.

We are very optimistic that your honor will consider our submissions as an appeal from our side and will kindly intervene promptly so that these issues are resolved at the earliest. We have every confidence that our request will be acceded to, when your bighearted attention is with our legitimate problems.

We assure you that we will leave no stone un-turned in complying with our professional obligations quite diligently for the welfare of our beloved Nation, as has always been our prime motive.

Warm Regards & Thanks

For District Taxation Bar Association (Direct Taxes), Ludhiana

CA Jasminder Singh


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  1. Rama says:

    Even though the tax is deducted when I try to complete the process the tax which is deducted is the same amount visible under tax to be payed section.

  2. US says:

    I also have the same problem. However, the problem is not for all PAN numbers. Some PAN gets registered but some PAN cards get stuck at the last stage of password and personal message.
    Tried posting a grievance, the grievance itself has become invisible on the website. Shows blank when submitting grievance number.

    1. somalatha k says:

      I also have the same problem.PAN cards get stuck at the last stage of password and personal message.

      getting internal server error in console page

  3. Sonal Sharma says:

    I tired to file my Income tax return. The problem i facing the TDS amount deducted as per the 26 AS not properly auto-populated on income tax portal.

  4. S ROY says:

    This is the worst software Infosys has ever made, perhaps not made by them. More than 4000 crores of tax payers money has gone down the drain. No one is able to file return of income properly and it is only wastage of time and energy. Almost every schedule is messed up. Worst is their auto population of data. At one place they have rounded up to nearest rupee at other they have left it, so their is mismatch and Return can not be uploaded. This platform is prepared by someone who does not know about various sections on Law and hence has neither been able to provide proper schedule under capital gains, nor under Exemptions. Most useless exercise to correct it. Better this be scraped.

  5. Devendra Singh Samamt says:

    Why made this worsed pottal if old portal was working properly .
    Who will be responsible for this ridiclus act.
    Kindly start old portal until new portal will work properly.

    1. Pawan says:

      The new portal is showing up newer problem issues every day.
      Today, on retrieval of the previously filled and saved data, it starts popping up a message that my return is filed and advises me to file a revised return. Whereas I never submitted my return. Further it does show under filed returns too. It is a serious software bug. Infosys cannot shift blame to others for such bugs.
      I also advocate restoration of old portal

    2. Pawan says:

      Falsely showing that my return has been filed with an advise to file a revised return. There is however no reference or acknowledge ment number of the so called filed return. This is a serious software bug

  6. neelakanta says:

    Let us give a request letter through Auditors assocaition with our signatures to the finance minister
    to file the income tax through old portal which was user friendly, this new portal is not of user friendly. worse.

  7. neelakanta says:

    in covid situation unnecessary waste of money and time to shift for new portal , I think the why the finance minister is keeping quiet let the minister give permission to file in old portal .

  8. neelakanta says:

    Sir this is hopeless since two months i couldnt file my returns please cancel the contract given to infosys or retain for next year this year please allow to file in the old portal . this is very hopeless people are suffering and you are playing .

  9. Venkatraman says:

    1. Not sure whether Infosys did in house or outsourced it.
    2. Why not send a copy of article along with comments to Sri Narayanamoorthy, founder of Infosys?

  10. Mujibor Rahaman Khan says:

    I am Trying from Last 7 to 10 day to register my Clint Pan Card (New Registration), All Details are filled up, and al the final stage i.e. “Secure your Account” tab I set password as per direction and at “Set your Personalized message” set message as per instruction, but complete the submission after repeatedly click on Register button (Registration button also active).
    Please solve the Problem.

    1. Gru says:

      I also have the same problem. However, the problem is not for all PAN numbers. Some PAN gets registered but some PAN cards get stuck at the last stage of password and personal message.
      Tried posting a grievance, the grievance itself has become invisible on the website. Shows blank when submitting grievance number.

  11. Ashish says:

    Only recourse to file a public interest litigation in SC and plea for functional old website.
    Penalise infosys for this silly work

  12. Jaypal says:

    Old bank a/c SBBJ now merged in SBI. SBI a/c is validated but old SBBJ A/C shows validation in progress. This SBBJ a/c is not removing. I nominated New SBI a/c for refund in profile bank a/c section. But in e-filing process automatically Old SBBJ a/c is showing. No option is show to choose New a/c .

  13. Puneet Kumar says:

    Is it really being done by INFOSYS ? Hard to believe. Software issues may happen sometimes but if it is really taking indefinite and unpredictable time, is it not possible to switch to old system. Our country has tremendous Software skills. If current team is struggling to fix issues, can additional software experts be leveraged, specially as entire nation is suffering from this issue.

  14. Jai Bhagwan says:

    ITR bhar dia. 5 hrs laga ITR 1 bharne mea. Aab Uska Print nahi nikal raha.

    Kya Bakvas site banai hai. Local TaxPayer ka time waste kar rahe ho. Iske kya jarurat thee.

    This is worst. Web site withdraw it immediately and give old site.

  15. Viji says:

    Yes, Now we have no time to try many times new website for every small work… So it is better to revert old website now and they give new website after all this problems solved.

    Why they bring new website urgently without get ready 100 % ?

    I am very much disappointed because of this issue. I am not able to work pleasantly .

  16. Bholanath Dasgupta says:

    I have already filed ITR for the year 21-22 succesfully. Option for higher security login and password reset for me. Thereafter error comes ITD-EXEC2002. For the last seven days I am unable to login to see my filed returns.

  17. Anil says:

    There are various problems while filing the returns.The list is very lengthy. I will list out a few of the errors faced. In general information you are supposed to select only one Bank for refund. The preview of the return either shows all the Bank is selected or no bank is selected. The question on Directorship and shares in Unlisted Company in even after selecting No after some time shows no selection made. Salary Exemption despite selecting and entering the exmpt section and amount disapperas after some time. Capital Gains quarter wise break up inserted not matching due to paisa’s in schedule. Dividend Income quarter wise break up error is displayed during verification despite getting confirmation after filling the break up correctly and matching with the Income in ITR. on the last page do you have beneficial ownership finacial interest, Income outside India despite selecting No the default tab of Yes gets selected. These are some of the problems encountered.

  18. HECTOR SHROFF says:


    1. SAMIR says:

      If this government is not capable of running new Income tax website why they are wasting time and money of common tax payers. Plz start with old website.

  19. Rajendra says:

    This is worst. Web income tax new filling is not good withdraw it and maintain old version assessed are facing lot problems withdraw it immadiatly

  20. Prem Sagar Kunde says:

    As we are unable to do justice, to our assessees we earnestly request that for current year, let us follow the old system and this new software may be used for next year. Already we have completed precious four months of the current year.

  21. Rajan Sood says:

    Old website be restored which was user friendly and easy to operate by one or all. New has only issues and as even today old data password have not been migrated. One has to re-register all over again where one finds mismatch in aadhar and pan master data and it says amend aadhar or pan master data which was not the case earlier. Waste of tax payers money.

  22. vswami says:

    To supplement / share additionally own thoughts with a different perspective(:
    I. If to go by own SAD experience , when tried / kept on trying to
    e-file my ITR -Form 1 on 17-07-2021, met with no success at the end ; that unequivocally proves / indisputably substantiates the grivance- as rightly complained of in the subj. Memorandum said to have been addressed and sent to the FM as under 🙂
    “…..Further, validation errors in Income Tax Return filing utility are not being resolved. Certain information not getting prefilled such as Bank interest and dividend and differences are appearing in TDS information prefilled and that appearing in FORM 26AS.
    Further, returns for A.Y. 2021-22 which are uploaded through utility available at the e-filing site are unable to e-verified by the aadhar or any other OTP”
    II. Most of the users’ comment are noted to have harped on the plea to the effect that faced with multiple problems / technical glitches in the ITD Portal, efiling of tax returns has been rendered iimpossible; and therefore, the time limit would require to be further extended !

    Be that as it may, as of now, the time limit already stands extended upto September 30 (Right ?). However , but for certain exception, taxpayers are obligated to pay SA tax on or before the due date as originally prescribed – that is, 31 July. If closely analysed , that might not be possible say, for instance,in the case of a taxpayer having salary income in view of the fact that the time limit for employer to make avialable FORM 16 has been extended to the very same date- 31 July.

    OVER /Back to the rest of ‘users’, for sparing and sharing similar problems envisaged in the context !?!

  23. Gopi Chand says:

    Unable to download the acknowledgment and ITR filed on June 28/29, 2021. Not able to download intimations under 143(1) & 154 for any year

  24. Shravan Mathur says:

    My PAN card. has been deactivated due to unknown reasons. I am unable to file return. Mail sent is not being replied.

  25. Johnsy DSouza says:

    It is basically the poor functionality and faulty design of the ITR website that is creating all kinds of problems to all assessees.
    For instance, I am an NRI, trying to update my profile with my Newzealand phone number, which is linked to my PAN card and also my bank.
    While it takes the number correctly, it does not take the country code and automatically defaults it to +91 (India) .
    This in turn creates all problems while attempting validation of bank accounts and e verification.
    Why can’t our great IT company INFOSYS, fix this simple problem? Or maybe they don’t care at all

    1. mahesh says:

      dear finance minister,
      we are unable to update the difference amount by
      bank portals and not updated in income tax site and
      it is showing outstanding with interest eventhough balance income tax called for paid and no option to update with payment details.
      dividend also automatically added without considering though dividend received is less than
      rs,5000 n because of that unable to submit income tax return. payment paid should be updated and there is no proper system for that and it shows outstanding due eventhough it is already paid.

  26. BSK RAO says:

    Penalty orders now passed after filing appeal on Asst. Order. To file appeal against penalty orders passed for same AY on which appeal filed, portal not accepting DIN of penalty orders, BSR Code & Challan No for appeal fees while filing Form No.35. Any one from CBDT answer my query.

  27. I H Rao says:

    Detailed TDS not able to view. Lump sum TDS is also not being updated. To which banks applications have to made for A16 forms.

  28. w d damle says:

    Any software has to be tested by using dummy data to confirm that software development has been completed before using it for actual processing. In the present circumstances, let old software be continued for AY 2021-22, for filing Income Tax Returns, and for FY 2021-22 for TDS deduction during the year. New software may be used only after successful trials on dummy data.

  29. GANAPATHY Ramanathan says:

    Better to file a public interest litigation in SC to revert to last year utilities in view of grave problem faced by tax payers.

    1. K.S. GAHUNIA says:


      1. Raj says:

        The info about 1L filings looks like another lie. Even salaried class cannot file returns. Select the current AY & all the other fields are disabled. I don’t think anyone is able to file returns on the new portal.

  30. Gundu Rao s says:

    Pl revert to old portal, which was fine and easy, the new portal does not give easy accessibility to our past returns and past records

  31. Harsh says:

    Old was much better than new one, old site should be re-launched for the assessees till the new site working properly

  32. Kishen pk pejathaya says:

    Simple example is passport number.It is 7 digits but the it portal says it is 14 digits and does not allow filling.
    There is no way to go back to a new evc generation once you choose one method
    Bank account validation takes a long time and return cannot be submitted unless bank account is validated.
    Wrong password tries are limited so account gets locked.
    Dividend breakup causes errors.

  33. Sameer says:

    Just as the Income Tax deptt was gearing up for a Tax-Payer friendly and efficient image under the directions of Hon’bl Prime Minister Shri Modiji, the new income tax portal has been launched in haste, without adequate testing, with umpteen number of defects. This has held millions of tax payers to ransom!
    It is high time that Infosys got its act in place…this is directly affecting the lives of common tax-paying citizens. To start with, now Income Tax Deptt needs to extend filing deadlines by 3 more months at least. Hopefully at least by that time the functionalities of the earlier portal would have been restored ! God help the law abiding income tax payers!

  34. chandralekha jrishnan says:

    the name of other banks in eportal for net banking verificatikn or validation all the names of existing psu banks are not appearing for example IDBI bank is not appearing people may not have accounts in most of the banks the salary income credited to the bank respective bank name should appear we request IT or infosys to check the same moreover certain justification reports to querry raised by IT are not getting uploaded in the portal hence not able to comply within stipulated time

  35. Kaushal Kumar Bajpeyee says:

    I too am trying to file ITR-2.There is no way the return can be completed.The previous form was far better.Hope the authorities concerned take notice and remedy the situation.

  36. Saroj Behari says:

    All bullshit…
    It would have tested and then imposed on everybody…..whole process linked with each other is suffering..
    My TDS amount is stucked….i would hv used to pay my bills…
    No employment no help from gov…just giving stress stress and only stress.


    Can your Association take up a PIL in Supreme Court to stop this portal and revert to Old Portal. On an request by you, we the assessees, will be willing to contribute financially.
    You can post your request on this site


    You have not added the problems faced by Senir Citizens & Super Senion Citizens; Tax is being calculated from 2,50,000/-

    Also 80TTB Deduction Not permitted.

  39. Jithendra S Patel says:

    When the old portal was working well enough, what was the need to upgrade and create such a mess. Portal shall be user friendly. Excel utility in the old portal was good enough and some issues were there in that also. Am totally unaware of JSON utility. Why is there no excel utility ITR forms in new portal?

  40. Firdaush says:

    The new site is totally clumsy and the gobernment in its haste of changing things is proving itself wrong in all it’s decision and causing untold misery to the public.
    Infosys has proved itself to be disaster in this aspect,as when we click submit button,we even don’t see that the site is moving ahead or stuck up.
    Very pathetic


    Can we NOT file a PIL to block this portal in Supreme Court?

    Let your association take the step and seek any monetary help; we the asseees are ready to contribute


    I wish that you had added that for Senior Citizens & Super Senior Citizens Tax is being calculated from 2,50,000/- itself – Also 80TTB Deduction NOT being permitted.
    Kindly revert to the old portal

  43. CA D K Upendra says:

    Try this!! Another first from Infosys !!
    ITR 1 already filed for Asst year 21-22 & everified also. I can again initiate filing for 21-22. God knows what else is in store

  44. M L KAUL says:

    The government is not listening despite the fact that they claim that digitization has transformed India. Why can’t they restore the old version till new site gets ready for use faultless. My ITR for 2020-21 still not processed despite lapse of more than one year. Where is efficiency of Income tax department..How government claims that they are pro Tax payer.They have made tax filing complicated. God save India

  45. Ramesh Chand Jain says:

    Can someone especially the faceless income tax department explain to why they cannot run the old system along with the new system for maybe 6 months and hive the assesses the choice to file the returns etc for A.Y 2021-22.

  46. Umesh Mehta says:

    Can we not revert to the old portal and let the new portal run parallel basis for atlest 2 years. Let the assesses decide which portal they prefer and the department ultimately adopt that only sans ego.

  47. vishwanath says:

    INFOSYS has lost much of its reputation due to the sloppy work done by them on this site.
    Any new portal must be first completely created and tested by various stakeholders for at least six months in advance before it is made active for actual users. The Govt is thus equally responsible for this mess as not enough time was provided.

  48. Rameswar Pattanayak says:

    There has to be an ITR for computer literate small retailers and service providers which can be selffilled without any assistance from professionals and without balance sheet.

  49. V Umesh Babu says:

    How long we go on requesting the government for smooth functioning of the income tax site. Is it not the duty of the government to take care of assesses? The government should extend the due dates equal to the number of days lost from 1st April due to the non- functioning of the site from the original due dates to facilitate the assesses as their right. It is unfortunate that every year it is happening like this, inspite of several judicial pronouncements to to make available the site and the return forms from 1st April of the assessment year.

  50. Madhusudhan says:

    I am trying from Four days to register for new TAN and not able to do now every day my client have to pay penalty I shall file return in older format manually from NSDL

  51. skjain1147 says:

    very nicely written ji . I am skjain adv from Faridabad . Let us work together for promoting the professional brotherhood and helping and guiding the people at large . Skjain adv (9810772312)

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