Income Tax E-filing portal is displaying following message from last few days:-

Taxpayer Submitting Income Tax Return for Assessment year 2017-18 to ensure Incomes/Receipts and deduction claimed matches with Form 16/16A issued by deductor

Differences will lead to delay in processing and / or increased tax liability due to adjustments U/s. 143(1)(a),

Response can be submitted under e-Proceedings section in e Filing  portal for the notice issued by CPC seeking explanation for such differences

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  1. KC JAIN says:

    TCS deducted on purchase of property by my son are being considered as income. Donation u/s 80G and 80TTA are also not allowed as same are not shown in form 16/16A. Please advise how to correct it . No column to correct it provided in CPC portal. CPC portal requiring TAN wheresas there is no TAN in TCS on property purchases


    The Govt should also make available to Assessees the Form 16 and 16A to be downloaded by themselves; Most of thje Banks do not give Form 16 or 16A even after repeated request.
    The figures differ in Form 26AS. In my case Form 26AS shows my pesion around 2.90lakhs whereas on checking through TRACES web site, I found the Bank has reported my pension around 5.02 lakhs, though I am yet to receive Form 16.
    Either the Govt should make it mandatory to issue Form 16 & 16A, take the acknowledgement and upload the same by the employer or let us also download it.


    My friend has income only from Bank Deposits and gets Form 16A.
    He pays Mediclaim and Tax Saver Deposits.
    These are NOT reflected in Form 16A.
    He claims the same in ITR separately.
    He is asking whether he will receive notice..

  4. A H Yegneswaran says:

    I have also received notice from CPC yesterday. My suggestion is if the deductions under VIA is not considered as the details are not there in form 16/16A or not matched as per 26AS, the tax department can request the receipt of savings under section VIA and tax payer can submit submit along with the ITR filing.

  5. Lal singh shaktawat says:

    I have received a notice yesterday regarding mismatch in Income tax return. The income which CPC is showing is nowhere near to my actual income. This is harassment of honest taxpayers.It happened first time.

  6. K. Bhattacharyya says:

    My friend have deposited an amount of cash to his builders at a time.He has shown it in his return.What is the implication regarding this before the period of demonitiisation?

  7. Satya says:

    My friend also receive this type of intimation.
    the IT system does not consider 80 c savings and sending intimations to assessees.
    this is also harassment of actual tax payers.


    I am a pensioner. I have reflected my income from pension correctly; but form 26AS shows Rs. 500/- less than my actual receipt. Will I get a notice because I have shown more income?

    Why burden the tax payer for the mistakes by deductors.

    Atleast those who show more income than shown in 26AS can be spared.

  9. Preetish Kumar Banerji says:

    I have got a letter from cpc to give total income correctly
    From e proceedings or from revised return. However portal shows no proceedings required.Also cpc communication number does not no rectification just now. Adjustment will be done otherwise.

    1. bemoneyaware says:

      For AY 2017-18 or FY 2016-17 many are receiving Income Tax Notice which says Communication of proposed adjustments u/s 143(1)(a) for PAN such as following. Please do not panic. You have 30 days to respond. It seems that CPC has sent such notice by mistake and they will be sending revised communication soon. if notice is genuine then you have to go for eAssessment/Proceedings

    1. B M MEHTA says:

      I have received notice u/s 143(1)(a). deduction under 80 c ,80dd,80g, 80TTA are not in form 16.cpc proposed that amount add in income. Advised for response.This is a HARRESMENT to honest taxpayers.There is no provision to upload documents with return.tilldate no recrd found on Portal of IT. WHTAT TODO?

  10. Prof.BANDARU N rao says:

    Tax returns and form 16A may not match as sometimes the the payments may be made just at the ending of march ither than 80c, like 80d or 80g and will be incuded in returns even though not intimated to employer.
    By this way almost all tax payers will get this notice and a burden for taxpayer and also central processing unit at bangaluru.

  11. Sanket Shirsekar says:

    I have received a notice yesterday regarding mismatch in Income tax return. The income which CPC is showing is nowhere near to my actual income. This is harassment of honest taxpayers.

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