We have seen women excelling in different spheres of this world like science, technology, business, sports, music and many more. All you have to do is take control of these 5 things which will help you elevate your goals so that you can live the dreams you’ve earned.

Managing Bank Accounts:

Digital age has transformed traditional banking to an online banking platform. Net Banking and e-Commerce has made it extremely easy to handle our banking transactions from the comfort of our home.

You can transfer funds across your bank accounts within the same bank and other banks as well with the blink of an eye. You can open fixed deposits, pay your utility bills, apply for IPOs, shop and do many more with the Net Banking facilities provided by your banker. You can do all of these from anywhere anytime using your smartphone or laptop.

With the help of money management apps like Money View, you can manage all your bank accounts and transactions from a single integrated app without even visiting the bank. So to kick off, first thing you need to do is start managing your bank accounts by yourself.

Investment Planning:

You can be the best person to plan your own investments. Just set your mind to it and start evaluating your short term and long term goals. Investment planning largely depends on two factors i.e. time horizon and return on investment.

So first thing you ought to do is to determine how much you are willing to invest and for what duration. Once you decide that, you will have multiple options to choose from which will vary in terms of their risks and return percentage.

You can also explore online investment platforms like Scripbox, FundsIndia and ZipSIP which would make it very easy for you to invest and manage your mutual funds and other investments.

So set your goals and start investing, because money sitting in your savings bank account will not earn you anything near to what you could earn if you put those funds to better use.


It is essential to strike a balance between your earnings and spending. Knowing your monthly budget will give you clear idea about how much you’ll have to keep aside from your earnings and how much would you be able to put up for savings after taking into account your monthly expenses. Don’t forget to take into consideration outstanding loan instalments if any, that you have to pay month on month. If you lose track of your inflow and outflow, you might end up in a huge debt. So take some time to do the basic math and evaluate all your incomes and expenses so that you can prioritise your spending’s in the best possible way.

Managing Work/Business

Managing work and home at the same time can be difficult at times. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Try and create a work schedule. Don’t cultivate the habit of working when you feel like or when you are free. Work around your home chores but once you are done with it, stick to the work hours.

Set some ground rules for the working hours. If you don’t wish to be disturbed while you are working, you need to communicate these rules to others and try not to break them yourself. While you do this, also learn to be flexible. After all you’d not want to miss your young ones performance at their school’s annual function.

Take time for your family and share your success stories with them. They will admire you once they realise how dedicated you are to family and work and how you manage and keep a balance between the two.

Filing Your Tax Returns

This is the ultimate step which will give you confidence and sense of control of your own finances and accounts.

Do the tally of all your incomes for the relevant financial year, gather all your supporting for claiming the tax breaks and last but not the least, obtain your tax credit statement 26AS to empower yourself to e-file your Income Tax Return on your own.

You can either e-File your tax return on incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in or else you can choose the online e-Filing platforms provided by many service providers. Unlike Income tax efiling website, these platforms provide you easy navigation and calculation of your taxable incomes. They even select the applicable ITR for you based upon your incomes.

So go ahead, take control of these five things and you’ll start believing in what you are capable of.

Disclaimer: All information in this article has been provided by Quicko.com and Taxguru is not responsible for correctness of the data. Quicko.com is engaged in assisting in online ITR preparation and filing. The author can be contacted at [email protected]

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