Karnataka Taxpayers Association has released a Press note and stated that New Income Tax Filing Portal  has  crashed within an Hour of Launching & till date not repaired. It further states that New Portal is neither user friendly and not properly developed. KTA demanded for Roll back of Old Income Tax Portal, so as to to not to make life of Taxpayer further difficult, who are already suffering Pain of GST Portal. Press Release is as follows:-

KTA Demands Roll Back to Old Income Tax Portal

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  1. Chandrasekaran says:

    New Tex portal is friendly.we cannot down Tax forms.
    Even professionals are not happy.
    It is high time the finance Ministry to revert to old to portal to enable tax payers to file the Return in time.

  2. Krishan Chand Dogra says:

    The new income tax portal is not user-friendly at all. Not able to log in and file itr it crashes time and again
    Plz revert to the older site which was excellent and user-friendly .

  3. Satish Kumar Ahlawat says:

    The govt is once again I’ll advised by some vested groups. This new sute is not at all user friendly. I think govt wants to capture max information and disabled many old features in new site unless profile is updated.

  4. Satish Kumar Ahlawat says:

    The govt is once again I’ll advised by some vested groups. This new sute is not at all user friendly. I think govt wants to capture max information and disabled many old features in new site unless profile is updated which several hours. I left it in desperation and unable to understand what was the need for new one

  5. Sabya says:

    How ironic that the request has come from Karnataka Taxpayers’ Association, because the portal is developed by Infosys which is headquartered at Bangalore.

  6. Shanmugamani.V says:

    Roll back to older version. I am not able to login for the past few days. I didn’t find any difficulties in the older version which is more users friendly.

  7. Binu Thomas says:

    The new software developed is not User-friendly and purpose for it appears totally defeated. Infosys which developed a half baked GST software few years back again came up with half baked software for filling IT returns with lots of confusion. Neither they understand requirement not for whom the software developed understand it’s requirement.

  8. Barathidason says:

    For the past three days I am spending sometime in updating my profile. It is only going on buffering. Same bank account 2 times, could not correct. Profile – PAN variation not understandable. The previous portal was excellent. The features only could have been enhanced, improved, in the same portal.

  9. Santhosh says:

    Dear sir off course old incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in was more user friendly and stable but do you expect government to continue old by wasting 4000 crore on new system? There is a need for change but it had to be executed properly


    As an experienced CA with 38 years of practice, I fail to understand what was the need to suddenly change over to a new portal. The Govt could have run both old and new portals parallelly for some time. I am pressed by my clients to issue form 15CB. But the form is required to be partly prepared by my clients (under the new procedure). They did. But they are not able to add the form to my CA name as they are stuck up with adding the CA membership number which the new portal is not recoginzing and instead requires a valid membership number. This is the beginning of the IT returns filing season and amidst the pandemic the new portal glitches would be hard to overcome. This citizens would end up with filing forms and returns with many anomalies which will lead to future avoidable liltigation. In short the portal has extremely complicated the tax compliances. What was the need to have two pages for login — one for PAN and the next one (it requires Please confirm your secure access message at all without purpose) and then password to be entered. A restrained comment would be that we are all thoroughly disappointed with the new portal. Infosys failed yet again in developing a national portal of great importance and a backbone for the country’s economy

  11. V S Gopinatha RAO says:

    The old I T portal is much easier and simple.compared to the.new one which is.very.complicated and does not work properly.The software.company which designed the new portal has not properly understood.the requirements and has done a very bad job.Govt should give us the choice the old portal.The link to 26AS does not work.Even grievance portal does not work


  12. SOMASHEKHARA says:

    The worst experience I am facing with new portal of income tax department. Even login menu is not available. It is very difficult to login to this portal. Better govt should roll back to previous website which was most user friendly.

  13. Rakesh says:

    Since last 7-8 days daily I am trying the new e-filling portal. Firstly login takes 15-20 minutes. While filling return it shows error to give details of deductor when I go to that page I am not able to add the details. It just not accept the typed letters. Even after final preview when I click print or download it gives error “Access denied n something went wrong go to dash board etc” . Even adhaar e Verification when clicked keeps hanging. I have wasted many hours n data on this n could not file my return still. It’s ill timed, very badly managed n unfriendly portal with no customer support. We have no choice. God Bless we all honest tax payers who even for filling return have to get this painful experience.

  14. T Gopalakrishnan says:

    Restore the old site as early as possible. A lot of difficulties with the new site as it often stops responding. Even login with user ID and password is enough , but it introduced a aadhar based top . What is the use of it doing when a person will do the same on e-verifying his/her return.
    The new site is simply crap and it crawls and crawls

  15. Raman Kumar says:

    Old sight was good & also user friendly. The new sight is worse & also user unfriendly. It should be closed soon because users are facing many many difficulties in use if it. It is only a wastage of money spent on it. So, it advised to restart the old sight very soon so that users and income tax payers can take the breath with ease.

  16. Hareesh says:

    Even though the Govt has the right intention making portal more user friendly, isn’t it a failure of the company who developed the site. Is this ignorance on the company side because it is a govt contract. Always the govt work and staff is under estimated, but this an example of even a multi national company failed to reach the expectations. Its shame on their part if it needs to be considered as initial hiccups, atleast for a company which has such a great experience of software development. Does AI/ML failing these efforts? Again and again it is proved that machine can’t beat human. To save the human resource cost automation is adopted and we notice such blunder more often.
    This should be an alert to every software/IT companies.

  17. C Suresh says:

    Let us not waste our time making representations. From experience we know nobody bothers about our practical difficulties. Let us efficiently do whatever is within our power. With absolute self confidence let us respond to emerging situations mustering all our strengths. May God be with us!

  18. Jayant L Aasher says:

    Old IT portal was quite good. Improvements / additions were done earlier and this time too they can be done.
    Present website besides having hiccups does not even look as good as the earlier portal. Where was the need to have user id and pw in separate pages?.
    Shame on the authorities that it is being launched without test verification and that too after so much publicity.
    Already gst website is not so comfortable where to give an eg , monthly totals of 2A is not available. Partywise totals too shud be there to enable easy and quick checking with books

  19. Tejinder Singh Bajwa says:

    I am sr.citizen n govt.pensioner I have been filling mine as well as my old colleagues returns free of cost. The new portal is difficult slow and not user friendly as compared to old portal. I could not file my return. I will have to consult some expert now for filling my return and have to pay fee for the first time

    1. J.Basu says:

      You are already consult with consultant but not to required this time of new income tax portal which more user-friendly then earlier one and the same you can easily handle. This new portal of income tax is one window portal where you can make challan for income tax payment and also submit the return and get the acknowledgement of return immediately further refund, if applicable, also get immediately as informed.

    1. Jayant L Aasher says:

      A hurried comment . Accept healthy criticism or suggestion. No one will deny new regime if it’s good and does not create bottlenecks. As a practitioner will u bring such changes without test verification and create problems ? So much of work relating to other forms like Form 15CB is affected.

  20. Sreetama majumder says:

    As i work under a CA.
    We non Ca students as such we do these filings.
    As consultant i would say as gst site they have given a crippled baby in our hand.

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