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F.No. DGIT(S)/ADG(S)-21CASS 2017-18/143/2016

Dated: 18.09.2017

The Principal Chief Commissioner of Income-Tax/ CCsIT (By Name)

Ahmadabad / Allahabad / Amritsar / Bangalore / Baroda / Bhopal / Bhubaneswar / Bareilly / Chandigarh / Chennai / Cochin / Coimbatore / Dehradun / Delhi / Durgapur / Guwahati / Hub / Hyderabad / Indore / Jaipur / Jalpaiguri / Jodhpur / Kanpur / Kolkatta / Lucknow/ Ludhiana / Madurai /Meerut / Mumbai / Nagpur I Nashik 1 Panaji / Panchkula / Patna / Pune / Raipur / Rajkot / Ranchi / Shimla / Shillong / Surat /Thane /Tricky / Trivandrum / Udaipur / Vishakhapatnam: and

The Principal Commissioner of Income-Tax / CsIT 1 CsIT (CO) (By Name)

Agra / Bikaner / Calicut / Dhanbad / Gandhinagar / Gwalior / Jabalpur /Jalandhar / Kolhapur / Muzzaffarpur / Mysore / Patiala 1 Rohtak / Sambalpur I Varanasi / Vijaywada / Delhi (CO) Mumbai (CO) / Chennai (CO) / Ahmedabad (CO) / Bangalore (CO) / Bhopal (CO) / Bhubaneswar (CO) / Kolkata (CO) / Cochin (CO) / Chandigarh (CO) / Hyderabad (CO)! Jaipur (CO) / Kanpur (CO) / Nagpur (CO) / Patna (CO) I Pune (CO) / Guhawati (CO)

Sir / Madam,

Sub.:- Income Tax Business Application (ITBA) – Assessment Module – CASS 2017 Cycle 2 – reg.

This is in reference to the subject mentioned above 2nd cycle of program for Computer Assisted Scrutiny Selection (CASS) for the current year has been finalized. The Board has approved the parameters for selection of cases and cases are visible to the Assessing Officers from today i.e. 18.09.2017.

2. The Assessment Module under ITBA can be accessed by entering the following URL in the browser http://itba.incometax.govin/. The path for Assessment Module is: ITBA Portal 4 Login-3 Modules 4 Assessment -Generate Notice to Initiate Proceedings.

Cases Selected in CASS

3. Assessing Officer can view the CIB. AIR and other information of cases selected under scrutiny in ITS (ITBA Portal–> Login–> Modules—> Assessment—> 360 Degree View and ITBA Portal–> Login–> Modules—> Common—> 360 Degree View). The 360° Degree View comprises of 6 tabs for information:

  • PAN Details
  • ITR Details
  • Processing Details
  • Tax Payment: Corresponding to OLTAS of ITO
  • TDS Details_ For details of 15CA certificate, 197 certficate and 26AS
  • ITS Information other than TDS Details

4. The information relevant to cases selected in CASS will mostly be visible in ITS details tab, however, few details like 15CA and 197 certificate details will be available in tab ‘TDS details’. Changes have been made in screen for displaying information relating to 15CA to display the details of both the remitter and the remittee. Also, changes have been made in screen for displaying 26QB information to display information w.r.t. both the Deductor and Deductee. In other words, information relating to 15CA will be visible to AOs of both remitter and remittee. Similarly. information relating to 26QB will be visible to AOs of both Deductor and Deductee.

5. For detailed instructions and other relevant information, the users are advised to refer CASS 2017- Instruction No. 1 in F. No. DGIT(S)IADG(S)-2ICASS 2017-18114312016 dated 07 2017

6. Users are requested to refer ITBA-CASS Instruction No 1 in F. NO. Systems/ITBA/Instruction/Assessment/2015-16 dated 15.03 2016 for other details such as overview of functionality, updating office information and accessing ITBA.

7. Users are advised to contact help desk in case of any issues in ITBA.

a) URL of help desk –

b) Help desk number – 0120-2772828-42

c) Email ID – [email protected]in

d) Help desk Timings -8.30 A.M. -7.30 P.M. (Monday to Friday)

Yours faithfully,

(Sanjeev Singh)
New Delhi.

Copy to: PPS to Member (L&C), Member (IT), Member (Inv.) & Member (Rev.), CBOT and Pr. DGIT(Systems), New Delhi for information.

Web Manager for hosting this letter on the

(Sanjeev Singh)
New Delhi.

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