The government has exempt salaried people earning up to Rs 500,000 annually from filing income tax returns.  A move that will bring relief to about 80 lakh people was announced by the Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee [ Images ] when he presented the Budget in February.  On Tuesday, Pranab Mukherjee said this will be applicable in the 2011-12 assessment year for the income earned in 2010-11. He said that a notice to this effect will be brought out soon.

This move will reduce the compliance burden on small taxpayers. In case such a salary earner has income from other sources like dividend, interest etc. and does not want to file returns, he will have to disclose such income to his employer for tax deduction.

The Form 16 issued to salaried employees will be treated as Income Tax Return, he added.

Asking the Central Board of Direct Taxes to be vigilant in suspected money laundering cases, Mukherjee cautioned that terror activities and other crimes are being funded by anti-national elements through illegal transfers.

Mukherjee disclosed that to check these transfers, government has approved setting up of Directorate of Criminal Investigation in Income Tax Department itself.

The Directorate will track the criminal activities before, during and after the crime is committed.

Expressing his keenness on fiscal consolidation, Mukherjee stressed that fiscal deficit has to be reduced drastically to achieve the goal.

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  1. V Jagan Mohan Rao says:

    I’m pensioner receiving pension of Rs. 33.235/–. Per month .i.e., less than 5.00 lakhs per annum. Whether can I file Income tax return
    Please clarify the same

  2. santhosh says:

    sir iam an employee having 5 lakh annual income.i sold my share of land + home for rs 10 lakh .shall i return file for 10 lakh also and what will be my total tax

    thank you

  3. Sunil Lakal says:

    Gross salary income is above 5 Lakhs, after deduction of 80C it’s come below 5 Lakhs. The he required to File IT return or Not

  4. Babu says:

    dear friends

    i have salary income 400000/- and i have house property loss 83,500/- will i required to file return of income or not

    Thanks and regards

  5. S.P. Manchanda says:

    If I am a pensioner (retired from bank) and getting pension plus interest on fixed deposits more than Rs.5 lacs annually, do I need to file return or disclose interest income to my previous employer (bank) without filing return?

  6. Dushyant Mishra says:

    Dear Mr. Chowdhary,

    If your total Income including(Current Salary + Pension Income) is less then Rs. 5 lac. then same condition would apply.

    Dushyant Mishra
    Money Concepts India

  7. rugram says:

    We have to wait till the actual notification is issued, to know the conditions (small print!). Till then, we should wait for answers to our doubts. However, how would an assessee know in advance the amount of interest he would earn, such as from savings bank and fixed deposit accounts, to report to his employer, unless this is done at almost the fag end of the financial year?

  8. Tejas Vora says:

    As per the line of Respected FIn. Misiter that “The Form 16 issued to salaried employees will be treated as Income Tax Return”, will it be suffice to bankers who provides various types of Loans to Salaried Emloyees?

  9. Hitesh says:

    What if the assessee has income from saving bank interest ? Whether he need to file the return in that case ? Moreover, salaried person has saving bank interest as other income.

  10. g.s.chowdhary says:

    govt is saying salary person of income of 5 lacs should not fill return.

    Pl clarity. If I am salary person and also getting pension from my previous employer, should I fill income tax or not. pl clarify

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