This simple calculator automatically calculates Gratuity receivable by Employee of Central Government and Private Concerns. We only have to put the date of Joining , Date of leaving/Retirement, last Basic Pay Drawn Including Grade and Dearness allowance if any. The calculator will then automatically calculate total gratuity receivable by you. We would like to remind you that statutory Limit of maximum payable gratuity for all type of employees was increased to Rs. 10 lakh by Government vide notification dated 18.05.2010 and subsequent to that CBDT has also raised Gratuity exemption limit to Rs. 10,00,000/- (Ten Lakh) vide its  Notification No. 43/2010; F.No.200/3 3/2009-! TA.! dated 11 June 2010.

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Developed by-  Pranab Banerjee

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  1. Shankar says:

    Dear Sir(s),
    Provident Fund and Gratuity Fund are very helpful things for employees after retirement. These years bank saving is not there for employees because of small salary. Previously when Gratuity has started it was the calculation 15 days salary x 12 months x service years with employer. Now it is ¼ per month i.e. one week per month i.e. 3 months salary in a year x service year with employer. These are the calculation in Private Sector. These two calculation is there. Which is correct ?. Previous one or present one ?. Present one if you calculation it has been decreased to 3 months per year instead of 6 months per year. Can you suggest me which one is correct ?.

  2. Shankar says:

    Respected Sir,

    Previously from the beginning time as per Central Government rules for Gratuity fund in Private sector is like that 15 days x 12 months x service years (calculation) which was very help for employees on their retirement time or on their relieving time. At that time Gratuity fund was very helpful to employees like that P.F.benefit getting from their employer/management in Private sector.

    Now I want to know whether this rule is going on from Govt. side for the help to employees. For P.F., owners are giving from their pocket for depositing employees Provident fund and also employees are getting loan, interest also and on their retirement several lakh rupees are getting from P.F. in Private sector. Those who are not availing the benefit of P.F., Gratuity fund is very helpful to employees on their retirement which employees are still expecting from Government. In owner’s hands several crores rupees are there or millions rupees are there but they will not give to employees towards Gratuity fund although they will give for P.F. benefit. So Government rules benefit must be needed for employee for getting Gratuity fund.
    An early reply is awaited.
    Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely,


  3. Shankar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have worked with a B.Tech Engineering College for the last 8 years. My last drawing salary is Rs.16,200/- per month. Now how much Gratuity I will get from my employer.

  4. Mohan says:


    I worked in a company around 11 years 5 months my basic is Rs28900 and Hra Rs11560. Company calculated gratuity 28900×0.5×11 only. any one advice this is ok or wrong calculation.

  5. TAPAN KUMAR RAY says:

    If the service is more than 33 years say 38 years whether gratuity will be payable only for 33 years if so refers the clause of Gratuity Act

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