A government committee has suggested raising interest rates on Post Office savings bank deposits to four per cent, a suggestion that could benefit lakhs of small depositors.  The Committee on Small Savings also recommended linking returns on other small savings schemes with interest rates on government securities.  It has also suggested that Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) be withdrawn and annual investment limit for the popular Public Provident Fund (PPF) be raised to Rs 1 lakh from Rs 70,000 at present.

The committee recommended that interest rates for Post Office savings deposits be raised to four per cent from 3.5 per cent at present, in line with the Reserve Bank’s decision to hike rates on savings bank deposits.

Under the new formula, suggested by the committee headed by RBI Deputy Governor Shyamala Gopinath, small savings schemes would provide better returns to investors.

Interest rate for one-year deposit scheme would go up to 6.8 per cent from 6.25 per cent, while returns for the PPF would improve to 8.2 per cent from 8 per cent.

With regard to taxing returns on the small savings schemes, the committee said the issue should be considered by the government while firming up the Direct Taxes Code ( DTC )), which seeks to replace the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Noting that the small savings schemes are agent-driven, the committee suggested that the commission on them should be gradually reduced from four per cent to one per cent.


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  1. gvrmurthy says:

    the government’s decision to cancel the most popular KVP on the grounds of its efforts to curb money laundering is not correct.KVP might have proved to be a source of money laundering.but all the small depositors of KVP are not money launderers.instead of cancelling KVP, the government must initiate the necessary steps to punish all the money launderers.I demand that the interest rate on PPF be hiked to 9.5% on par with the lines of EPF and necessary action be initiated to protect the welfare of small investors.

  2. sandeep kumar says:

    why there is a difference in the ROI of E.P.F and P.P.F, both are the long term deposit with the government and providing a huge amount to the government

  3. dattatreyahg says:

    I have time & again said that it is gross discrimination to give 8%(even 8.2%)for P P F deposits and much higher interest to E P F. This is because there is an organised wisdom of trade union ably supported by the union labour minister While the PPF depositors have no such backing,unfortnately. But a welfare and justice oriented GOVT is expected to take a balanced view on such matters. It is our misfortune that we are not blessed with such a wise Govt.

  4. kumar says:

    Kisan Vikas Patra is the best way to save money for small investor, if its withdrawn then small investors will faces the trouble.

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