The Finance Ministry has come out with ‘Saral-II’, the new income tax returns form, that seeks to make tax filing easy on the assessee and gather information on TDS paid on salary and interest. The Saral-II, a two-page form, was mentioned by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in his Budget speech for 2010-11.

“This form will enable individuals to enter relevant details in a simple format in only two pages,” he had said.

The Central Board of Direct taxes has now notified a new Income-taxForm Saral-II. The Form Saral-II is to be used for filing Income-tax return for the Financial Year 2009-10 (Assessment Year 2010-11).

Key Features of Form Saral-II

The said Form is to be used by the individual taxpayers having incomes from following sources:

  • Income from Salary/ Pension;
  • Income from one House Property (excluding brought forward loss from previous years);
  • Income from Other Sources (excluding winning from lottery and income form race horses).

The key difference between the new Form Saral-II (ITR-1) vis-à-vis erstwhile Form ITR-1 are as under:

  • Income from one House Property has now been included in the new Form.
  • All incomes under the head ‘Other Sources’ have been covered visà- vis only interest income and family pension  covered in the erstwhile Form.

Our Comments:-The introduction of the Form Saral-II is a welcome step as it aims to make Income-tax return filing easier for individual taxpayers, primarily having salary income and one house property.

Download the New Saral II (ITR-1) and see the relvant notification at the link given below:-

Download ITR-1 for A.Y. 2010-11/ Financial Year 2009-2010 in Excel, Word Format

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  1. Amit Bajaj Advocate says:

    There is no column of agriculture income in the new ITR 1(SARAL II) form. If a salaried employee has agriculture income he will have to fill ITR2 form. In the earlier ITR1 form there was a column of agricultue income.


    Hello all. I vaguely remember of hearing/reading about SARAL-III. May be I am mistaken. Kindly suggest if there is any SARAL-III & if yes where can I get it? Thanks, RAKESH


    Dear Sir,
    I will be grateful,if you will please advise me how to enter details of TDS on interest by more than two Banks items in Col 24 in new SARAL – II.Can I attach

  4. Amit Bajaj Advocate says:

    The new SARAL II Form is different from the earlier ITR-1 form in many respects.

    The new SARAL II (ITR-1) form is of two pages only. The earlier ITR-1 form was also of two pages but the earlier ITR form could be filed by only those assessee who had income from the salaries/Pension and Income from Interest if any. But the new form can be filed by the asseesses having salary/pension Income, Income from one house property (excluding loss brought forward from previous years),Income from Other Sources (Excluding Winning from Lottery and Income from Race Horses).

    The new SARAL II form is quite saral in the respect that there is no need for the assessee to mention the detail of his house property the income of which is to be declared in the form nor any need to provide details about the other source income(except the TDS details) which is to be declared in the SARAL II form, which normally one needs to provide in the other forms. However if an assessee has income U/H House Property from more than one house or has brought forward losses U/H House Property then in such case new SARAL II form cannot be filed.

  5. S.Ramaswamy says:

    Is it applicable to income under the head salary alone (ITR-1) or Saral II can be used by the individual who has income under the head salaries and house property also (These persons were using ITR-2) earlier. Pl clarify

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