Q. 1. What is Online Correction ?

Ans. TRACES has provided the functionality of ‘Online Correction‘ where deductor can perform correction of TDS/TCS statements online. Deductor is required to Login to TRACES, Go to ‘Default’ Menu, Click on ‘Request For Correction‘.

Following are the various facilities available through Online Correction:

1 – Rectifying Challan mismatch cases

2 – Addition of new Challan to the Statement.

3 – Pay 220/interest/levy.

4 – Add or Delete Salary Detail.

5 – Rectifying Statement Challan Information.

6 – PAN Correction.

7 – Correction in Personal Information.

8 – Add/Modify deductee detail

9 – Movement of deductee rows.

Q. 2. Is it necessary for a “Sub -user” to assign Correction to “Admin User” after making a correction ?

Ans. Yes, after making the online correction, sub- user will submit the corrections to admin user for final submission to TDSCPC. Sub-user will not be able to proceed further without the intervention of Admin User.

Q. 3. If I chnage my mind, can I cancel the “Online Correction” request any time ?

Ans. Yes, before submitting the correction for processing, you can cancel the request under ‘Correction ready for Submission’ where you will get an option to ‘cancel statement’. By clicking on this, correction will not be submitted to TDSCPC and will be cancelled.

Q. 4. Can Deductor do Online Correction for TCS ?

Ans. Yes, Deductor can do online correction for TCS.

Q. 5. Can I submit multiple correction with one request number ?

Ans. Yes, you can do multiple corrections with one request number for the statement pertaining same financial year, quarter and form type.

Q. 6. If I am an ” Admin User”, still I have to assign it to myself or I can proceed to KYC without assigning ?

Ans. Yes, deductor being an Admin User also has to assign the request to himself, only then can he proceed for KYC.

Q. 7. If I don’t capture Token no. where will it be available ?

Ans. Deductor can get the Token from consolidated file, which he can download from TRACES. Also, He can go to “Track Correction Request”, Click on hyperlink under the heading “New Token Number”. Token Number will Popup.

Q. 8. What will deductore do if the request for Correction is rejected ?

Ans. Deductor has to check the rejection reason by selecting ‘Track Correction Request’ under “Default” from main menu. Then select the request number and click on hyperlink “Rejected” under the heading ‘Status’. Once the user takes the necessary action on resolution of rejection reason, he can resubmit the online correction request through TRACE.

Q. 9. I have filed a paper return, and want to make online correction through TRACES. How should I proceed ?

Ans. Online correction functionality on TRACES will not be available in case of paper return.

Q. 10. What are the guidelines for doing online correction ?

Guidelines for doing online correction are mentioned below:

Guidelines for Online Correction

Type of error or defaults Correction Type Available from FY DSC Required
If Challan is unmatched/ Overbooked Challan correction FY 2007-08 ONWARDS No
To add new challan Add challan to statement FY 2007-08 ONWARDS No
To clear interest and late fee demand payment Pay 220,Interest,Levy,Late filing FY 2007-08 ONWARDS No
To Move Deductee Row Resolution for overbooked challan

(Move deductee row from challan)

FY 2007-08 ONWARDS No
To Update PAN PAN correction FY 2007-08 ONWARDS Yes
To add / modify deductee row Add modify deductee details FY 2013-14 ONWARDS Yes
To Update personal details Personal Information FY 2007-08 ONWARDS Yes
To modify salary details Add or delete salary details FY 2013-14 ONWARDS Yes

Q. 11. Which errors appear while doing Online Correction ?

Ans. Some of the Errors Appearing while doing online correction are mentioned below:

Errors appearing while doing online correction

Type of error or defaults Description
No data available for specified search criteria This error appears if the data entered is not pertaining to FY, Qtr, Form Type and latest token no.Statement is cancelled / rejected for selected search criteria
Request for correction has already been submitted for the specified search criteria.

Please check status in ‘Track Correction Request ‘ screen under ‘Defaults’ menu

This error occurs when Deductor has initiated an online correction and it is either pending at the end of Deductor or pending for processing at TRACES
System has encountered technical problem.

Please try after some time

This error occurs if JAVA 8 (update 45 ) 32 bit /64 bit depending upon system configuration is not updated. JRE 1. Clear history, cookies, temp files.

Enable pop- up blocker. Restart the system after updating JAVA. Need to use the compatible browser.

Request has been submitted to Admin user It has to be assigned to admin user as only admin user has the authority to submit online correction
Reason for non-deduction /lower deduction/higher deduction is mandatory This error occurs when Deductor is writing “0” in the column of Total TDS deposited in Add modify deductee option
Increase in amount claimed as Interest(15),amount claimed as other(16) and Levy(8) should not be greater than the remaining available balance in challan This error occurs when Deductor claims more than the challan balance, Deductor should not write any amount in the column of “others” it should be left blank
Online correction on TRACES is not enabled for the requested statement. Kindly file correction through NSDL and the subsequent correction can be filed on TRACES This error occurs if no statement for that particular Form type, FY and Qtr is processed by TRACES. So, once Deductor will file correction with conso file he will be able to carry on with online correction in future
PAN of Authorised / Responsible person as per Personal Information of the correction and as per TRACES Profile should be same. Please update PAN of authorized/Responsible Person in the correction file This error occurs if the PAN of authorized person in Profile and the Statement filed is not same.
No challan for FY (eg. 2014-15) available for tagging.

Please select another FY from below dropdown or deposit challan or contact your AO of conso file (if changes in challan required )

This error may occurs if book entry flag is “Yes” , incorrect TAN or FY on challan

Q. 12. Can I make Correction on the basis of default summary available on TRACES ?

Ans. Yes, you can make online correction on the basis of default summary however, it is advised to download updated Justification Report from TRACES. Justification Report provides detailed information about the defaults / errors that needs to be rectified by filing correction statement.

Q. 13. After making Online Correction, how much time system will take to process the correction ?

Ans. Online Correction will be processed within 24 hours.

Q. 14. How to track Correction Request ?

Ans. After login to TRACES as a deductor, select ‘Track Correction Request’ from Default under menu. Deductor can track the request using three option:

*Request Number



Q. 15. If Deductor does not data to be entered in KYC for making Online Correction ?

Ans. Deductor can use DSC supported KYC for making online correction. If DSC is not available deductor can contact Jurisdictional Assessing Officer to get the required details.

Q. 16. Can deductor apply for Online Correction prior to Financial Year 2012-13 ?

Ans. Yes, deductor can file online correction from Financial Year 2007-08 onwards, however deductor has to ensure that the latest correction for the relevant statement should be processed through TDSCPC.

Q. 17. Difference between Tag and replace challan ?

Ans. Tag and replace challan is a new functionality available on TRACES for manual demand received from respective Jurisdictional Assessing Officer:

Tag Challan-Deductor can pay and tag the challan online for manual demand received from Jurisdictional Assessing Officer to close the demand.

Replace Challan-Deductor can replace the challan already available in OLTAS with sufficient amount to close the demand.

Q. 18. What is Online Consolidated demand ?

Ans. This is manual demand plus TDSCPS demand.

Q. 19. Who is Sub User or Admin User ?

Ans. Admin User is the one who has created the account on TRACES. Sub User- Sub User is created by Admin user; Admin user can create 3 sub users under his account on TRACES.

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  1. Rajesh Singh says:

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    we are using saral tds software, here we are not fetching any request and download in both online and offline. we kindly request you to advice and give idea about to fix this problem.

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