F.No. Dir(Hqrs.)/Ch(DT)/25(15)/2014/96

Dated: February 9, 2015



All Pr. CCsIT(CCA)/Pr. DGsIT/CCsIT/DGsIT (as per list attached)

Subject: Employee Registration for Aadhar based Biometric attendance-reg.

The undersigned is directed to refer to OM of even number dated 16.12.2014 on the subject noted above under which all Pr.CCsIT/DGsIT were requested to take necessary steps to install Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS) in the offices under their administrative control within the time prescribed by the Government (by 31.12.2014 in Delhi and 26.1.2015 in rest of India) and to submit a compliance report by 15th February, 2015. Further, pursuant to a letter dated 29.12.2014, received from the D/o Electronics & Information Technology pointing to the low registration of employees in Delhi by CBDT for the Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System, all Pr.CCsIT/ DGsIT were also requested vide OM of even number dated 7.1.2015 to ensure that necessary steps for expediting registration of all officers/ employees are taken on priority by the nodal officers for implementation of the AEBAS in their offices and a report submitted by 20.1.2015. A reminder in this regard recapitulating in brief the action to be taken and details of the officers in NIC who may be contacted by the nodal officers for seeking any clarification/guidance was also issued vide OM of even number dated 22.1.2015.

Based on the feed back received from different officers the position on the implementation of AEBAS has been reviewed by the Chairperson, CBDT who has observed as under.

“Very tardy Progress. It appears that field offices have assumed that their work ended with appointment of nodal officers. Please send a self contained advance reminder w.r.t compliance report due on 15.2.2015”

It is therefore requested that the matter may be looked into and nodal officers appointed for the implementation of the AEBAS may be directed to take necessary action in this regard keeping in view the compliance report that is to be submitted to this office by 15.2.2015 as directed by the Chairperson, CBDT

This issues with the approval of Chairperson, CBDT.

(Dr B K Sinha)

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0 responses to “Employee Registration for Aadhar based Biometric attendance – Very tardy Progress”

  1. CA. Bhavesh Savla says:

    For Varaprasad,

    Difficult to justify ignoring of written orders and circulars than for oral instructions.

  2. Varaprasad Daitha says:

    This is another run-out of mill circulars. The officers in the Board are provided with telephone, e-mail facilities. The Telephone department had India 1 for calls. So is it difficult to contact over phone all the 28 Principle CCITs in India instead of releasing out circulars and to general public?

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