The Taxpayer who has not received the email PIN are requested by Income Tax Department to  check for email from Department for PIN in your Inbox as well as the Spam or Junk folder (mail id –

Income Tax Department has also requested taxpayers to add their official email id in their email contact list.

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0 responses to “Email PIN by Income tax Department – Check Spam or Junk Folder”

  1. sumitkumar says:

    sir i am sumit kumar our pan no. AREPK6251E
    i have not received password so i requested to you please
    send our password email id .i have change his

    this time is our is
    and our mobile no. 9466595086

  2. jyotsna bhoraskar says:

    my old email is closed .pl sent me pin on

  3. ramprasd mazumder says:

    I do not get email pin so I cant submit my retun form ,my email has been change how i fill my retun

  4. ramprasd mazumder says:

    I forgot my old mail password so icant submit retun how i fillup my retun

  5. SHANTHA says:

    i want correct email pin requested

  6. B R PURUSHOTHAM says:

    My e-mail-id is changed as above.Please provide me with login PIN

  7. r.c.arora says:



    Send me e-mail pin

  9. RAMESH KUMAR says:

    please send me email pin

  10. RAMESH KUMAR says:

    i have not received email pin for the year 2014-15

  11. RAMESH KUMAR says:

    email pin not received for the year 2014-15

  12. Satish Kumar Gupta says:

    Pls. send me MY Email PINS

  13. Aniruddha Bhattacharya says:

    Please you get to do email pin.

  14. Aniruddha Bhattacharya says:

    I have not received email pin from IT. return for ay 14-15 already filed. please you sent to email pin.

  15. k.ravikumar says:

    Still i have not received my E Mail PIN, Due to this i could not file my return. Please sorted out at earliest.

  16. SUNIL SAHA says:

    I want to email id director of income tax, whom to I know any secret information


  17. Rahul Gujar says:

    I have not received EMail pin

  18. mahesh kumar says:

    I have not received email pin from IT

  19. VENKAT says:

    I have also not received so called pin. what is this pin

  20. SSRK NAIDU says:

    pins are not receiving

  21. SSRK NAIDU says:

    e mail pins are not received

  22. UMA GOWRI says:

    please help me out

  23. UMA GOWRI says:

    I HAVE NOT RECEIVED e-mail pin for change in e-mail id.i am yet to file thr returns .please expedite

  24. VENKAT says:

    I have not received email pin from IT. return for ay 14-15 already filed. what to do to get email pin?

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