The initiation of enactment of the DTC Bill was, if one remembers right,lately announced to be slated to be made on 22nd August (?). For what one knows, there has been no news on any related development so far.
If, however, one were to perceptively look back / also behind or beyond, the deferment of the enactment of the long pending so called or so-made-to believe simplified code cannot be rightly attributed to any single reason;for instance,as observed in certain quarters, the idea mooted but of a very recent origin, that being to tax the ‘rich’ more.
Right from THE DAY one it was made public,several provisions of the then draft Bill, even of the later revised one,have come to be viewed in expert circles as nowhere an attempt to really accomplish the so-claimed ‘simplification’; let alone in its profound sense.
There is no clue for a common man /taxpayer to bring self round to believe that the text of the Bill has been given all the final touches, with changes galore it required but left to be made,so as to make it fit to be gone ahead with its enactment. On the contrary,the common feeling, incisive or otherwise, is that it has remained/left to be so incomplete that to so do has every potential to muddle/mess up the extant pathetic state of affairs obtaining in the tax regime- not only in implementation but also its administration and adjudication.
For an appreciation, it might be worthwhile to have a re-look at the plethora of material in public domain, in the form of articles by experts, and the like.

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0 responses to “DTC Bill – Why Nothing Occurred on 22, AUG 2013?”

  1. nagesh kini says:

    How long can anyone stall the DTC?
    The Directors and Auditors tried it for the Cos. Bill.
    It’s time came. Out came a half-baked bill. After all something is better than nothing!

  2. T.N.Panja says:

    Pls inform whether Accountant defination in DTC includes Cost Accountants and Company Secretary also?

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