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Preparation of correction TDS/TCS statement made easy. Register your TAN online and get your consolidated TDS/TCS statement.

Deductors / collectors are required to furnish a quarterly TDS / TCS statement as per guidelines of the Income Tax Department (ITD). For any update in the quarterly TDS / TCS statement, a correction statement is furnished by the deductor / collector. Correction statement is prepared on the latest statement details (accepted) at TIN central system. To facilitate the deductor to ensure that the deductor uses the latest statement, request for TDS/TCS statement can be made online at TIN website. TDS/TCS statement (consolidated) provided by TIN will include all the updates done vide correction statements (accepted at TIN central system) filed by deductor/collector. Consolidated TDS/TCS statement will be available for:

  • TDS/TCS statements pertaining to F.Y. 2007-08 and onwards.
  • TDS/TCS statements accepted and existing at TIN central system.

1. Features of consolidated TDS/TCS statement are as below:

  • Details as per latest statement: Updated details of deductor/challan/deductee/salary records will be provided.
  • Challan matching flag:No updates should be done if the status of the Challan/Transfer Voucher is “Matched”. Considering the same the status (matching flag) of the challan / transfer voucher as below is provided:
    • “M” = Matched (No update should be done for such challans/transfer voucher)
    • “U” = Unmatched (Challan can be updated)
    • “P” = Provisionally booked (No update should be done for such transfer voucher)
  • Expected challan/ deductee/ salary detail record number: In correction statement for addition of records, sequence number for record (challan/deductee/salary detail) should be continued from the record number (challan/deductee/salary detail) of earlier regular/ correction statement. Example,
  1. There are 5 challans in regular statement.
  2. 1 challan is added by furnishing correction statement

If one more challan is to be added vide another correction statement, sequence of the challan record no. will be 7.

To facilitate the deductor/collector in quoting record number in sequence for added records, expected record number for challan, deductee and salary detail (wherever applicable) is incorporated in the consolidated TDS/TCS statement.

  • Provisional receipt number (PRN): In correction statement, deductor/collector is required to quote PRN as under to identify the statement in TIN central system for update:
  • Corresponding regular statement and
  • Latest accepted/Partially accepted correction statement

To facilitate the deductor/collector in quoting correct PRN of Regular and Correction statement, same is provided in the consolidated TDS/TCS statement.

2. Data structure for consolidated TDS / TCS statement.


3. Pre-requisite for requesting TDS/TCS statement online.

  • Online request for TDS/TCS statement can be made only on successful registration of TAN (creating TAN registration account) at TIN website.
  • Register TAN online at TIN website. For registering TAN click here


4. Steps to be followed for placing the request of consolidated TDS/TCS statement

1. Login to TAN Registration Account with user id, password and TAN.

2. On successful login, under option TDS/TCS, select option “Request- Consolidated TDS/TCS statement”.

3. Request for consolidated TDS / TCS statement can be made for your TAN only.

4. On clicking the aforementioned option, provide details of statement as below for which consolidated file is required:

  • Provisional Receipt Number of regular statement
  • Form no.
  • Quarter
  • Financial Year

5. On successful validation of the above details, two questions related to the TDS/TCS statement requested will be asked as a part of verification.

6. On successful verification of answers to the aforementioned two questions, request number will be generated and the consolidated TDS/TCS statement will be e-mailed to the user on the e-mail ID provided on TAN registration within 24 hours.

7. Consolidated TDS/TCS statement will be available only if correct answers are provided to the questions for verification.

8. Two attempts within a day will be provided to correctly answer the verification questions.

9. In case of two unsuccessful attempts within a day for the same statement, request for such statement can be placed on next day.

10. In case of large number of records in the TDS/TCS statement requested, the statement will be split in multiple files owing to restriction of mail size.

11. In case TDS/TCS statement is split in multiple files then each file will be sent by separate e-mail.

5. Merging the split TDS/TCS statement

1. In case of multiple files, Merge the files using “File Merge Utility” (FMU) and then extract the contents.

2. “File Merge Utility” can be downloaded from TIN website under the option “TAN Registration” in download section.

3. Click the below link for detailed procedure for merging the split files”

6. Procedure for download and merging of split TDS/TCS statement.

7. Using Consolidated TDS/TCS statement for preparing correction statement.

1. Consolidated TDS/TCS statement provided will be in compressed form.

2. Extension of the consolidated TDS/TCS statement will be .tds

3. In case of single file, extract the content of the file by providing password to the file.

4. In case of multiple files, merge the files using FMU and then extract the contents of the merged file by providing password.

5. After extracting the consolidated TDS/TCS statement, import the same in the return preparation utility for making any correction.


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  1. John says:

    Sir / Mam,

    I have all the detils to download the tds consolited file but am filed return for only one party. so am not able to provide 3 pan no, but the computer ask 3 pan no and amount.

    kindly help to download the tds consolidated file

    thanks & Regards,
    J.John Samuel David

  2. Rajan says:

    I want the data correction for the F.Y. 2006-2007, the *.tds statement is prior to the date of 1/4/2008, in this case how to do the correction for the F.Y. 2006-2007.

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