Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Direct Taxes

F. No. 500/15/2011-FTD-II New Delhi dated.. 23 May, 2011

Order No.4/FT&TR/2011

In exercise of powers conferred under section 144C of the Income Tax Act, 1961, and in supersession of Order No.1/FT&TR-I/2011 dated 12.012011 and Order No.3/FT&TR-I/2D11 dated 31.03.201, the Board hereby constitutes the Dispute Resolution Panel (DRP) comprising of three Commissioners of Income Tax/Directors of Income Tax as Members of DRP at the places given below, who shall perform such duties in addition to their regular duties with effect from 23.05.2011 and until further order:

S.No. Place of
Member of DRP
1. Delhi, DRP-I Smt Prcmila Bhardwaj, DIT(International Taxation)-I, Delhi
Smt. Rashmi Saxena, DIT(Transfer Pricing)-II, Delhi
Shri Gopal Mukherjee, CIT-V, Delhi
2. Delhi, DRP-II Shri D.K. Gupta, DIT(Transfer Pricing)-I, Delhi
Shri Dinesh Verma, DIT(International Taxation)-11, Delhi
Shri S.G. joshi, CIT-Ill, Delhi
3. Ahmedabad Shri Narender Kumar, DIT (Intl. Taxation/Transfer Pricing), Pune
Shri Sanjay Kumar, DIT (Intl, Taxation/Transfer Pricing), Kolkata
Shri Desh Raj, CIT(Audit), Ahmedabad
4. Bangalore Shri A.K Agarwal, CIT, Bangalore
Shri Rakesh Bhaskar, DIT(Intl. Taxation &Transfer Pricing), Hyderabad
Shri Pravin Kishore Prasad, DIT(International Taxation), Bangalore
5. Hyderabad Shri. Pravin Kishore Prasad, DIT(International Taxation), Bangalore
Shri M. Rathinaswamy, DIT(Transfer Pricing), Chennai
. Shri T. a ashankar, CIT-I, Hyderabad
6. Kolkata Shri Dinesh Verrna, DIT (International Taxation)-II, Delhi
Shri Jason P. Boaz, DIT (Transfer Pricing), Bangalore
Shri S.P. Chowdhury, CIT-XIV, Kolkata
7. Chennai Shri Rajeeb Hota, DIT(International Taxation), Chennai
Shri Jason P. Boaz, DIT(Transfer Pricing), Bangalore
Shri Rajendra Kumar, CIT-VI, Chennai
8. Mumbai, DRP-1 Shri L.N. Pant, DIT(International Taxation)-I, Mumbai Smt. Anuradha Bhatia, DIT(Transfer Pricing)-I, Mumbai
Shri P. Raghu, CIT-III, Mumbai
9 Mumbai, DRP-H Shri Kuntal Kumar Sen, DIT(International Taxation)-II, Mumbai Smt. Sangeeta Singh, D1T(Transfer Pricing)-11, Mumbai
Shri Amitabh Mishra, CIT-1V, Mumbai
10 Pune Shri V.K. Gupta, DIT(Intl, Taxation & Transfer Pricing), Ahmedabad Shri Sanjay Kumar, DIT(Intl. Taxation & Transfer Pricing), Kolkata Shri B.P. Sharma, CIT-I, Pune


2.         This issues with the approval of Chairman, CBDT.


(Sanjay Kumar Mishra)

Joint Secretary (FT&TR-I)

Department of Revenue

Government of India

Copy to:

  1. Officers concerned
  2. Al] the Chief Commissioners of Income Tax/Directors General of Income Tax
  3. Principal Chief Controller of Accounts, New Delhi
  4. Zonal Accounts Officers, CBDT, C/o CCIT concerned
  5. DIT(IT)/DIT(PR, PP & OL)/DIT(Audit)/DIT(Vig)/DIT(Systems)/DIT(O&MS)/DIT(Spl. Inv.)
  6. PSs to FM/MOS[R)/Secy.(R)/Adviser to FM/AS(R)/Chairman, CBDT/Members CBDT/All Joint Secretaries/CITs, CI3DTAS(R)/DS(Admn.)/DS (Hqrs.)/Directors
  7. US(Hqrs.) PersDT/US.AD.I/US.AD.VI/AD.VI(A)/ADVII/ITCC/Computer Cell
  8. Hindi Section for Hindi Translation
  9. Secretary General, IRS Association/ITGOA/All India Income Tax SC & ST Association 10.Web Manager,


San Kfliar Mishra)

Joint Secretary (FT&TR-1)

Department of Revenue

Government of India

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