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Tax deductor and collector holding valid TAN can register  and use the TAN based credentials to file Form 15CA but to fill form 15CA if no tax is been deducted it is still not mandatory for remitter to have TAN.

Link To Register on Income Tax E-Filing Website

Link to Download Revised updated utility of Form 15CA

How to use the form?

1. On e-Filing home page, go to Downloads menu and click on the link “Forms (Other than ITR)”.

2. Download Form 15CA and save it in the desired path/location.

3. Unzip and extract the files in the desired path/location.

4. Double click on the executable jar file (ITD_EFILING_FORM_UTILITY) to open the form.

5. To submit the form you should be connected to internet.

6. Minimum java version 1.7 is required to open the Form.

The following are the features that are available in the Form(offline):

1. New – Click on this button, to open a new Form 15CA.

2. Open – Option is for importing the XML (successfully generated earlier) from your hard disk. Select the path and import the XML. This option will work irrespective of any version change. It will caution you to check the contents before finalizing upload/submission.

3. Save – You can save your completed XML in the desired path/location of your desktop.

4. Save Draft – Option can be used to save your XML. Please note you cannot upload an XML which was saved using the ‘Save draft’ option. Only a complete XML generated using the ‘Save’ option can be uploaded successfully.

5. Submit – Option is used to upload/submit a single Form.

6. Previous/Next – Will help you to navigate to the various tabs of the Form.

7. Submit Bulk – Option is used to upload/submit multiple XMLs of the form.

8. Help – Option will let you know the instructions, short keys, settings and how to use this form.

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One response to “IT Dept. Releases updated utility of Form 15CA”

  1. ARUN says:


  2. abhijeet says:


    when i am going to submit 15CA draft, thre is error “Please check your Internet connectivity meanwhlie if i can use another internet connecity applications so why this error come.

    please advise

  3. Vinod Tolambia says:

    Who can sign form 15CA.
    Who can sign annual income tax retuns of a company

  4. Venu Chaganti says:

    hi Rachana,

    Instead of Date of incorporation, please try with the date of allotment of TAN No. I think you can definetely register your TAN Account.

    But you need to find the Date of allotment of your TAN No.

  5. Venu Chaganti says:

    I also tried regestering my TAN No in Income tax e filing website but it is saying invalid data of incorporation. But i have give the correct date of incorporation.

    Dear Rachana,

    Please let me also know if you found the solution for the registration


  6. jayant lanke says:

    Dear sir,

    while uploading xml file, its shows erorr line no. 127 , then how to find line no . is there any utility

    jayant lanke

  7. jayant lanke says:

    whenever we have tried to file xls file, shows error say line no 127 , then how to find line in the xml book.

    jayant lanke

  8. Rachana says:

    Tried doing TAn registration on portal for uploading Form 15CA but getting the error as Invalid date of Incorporation inspite of mentioning the correct date.Also guide us the benefit of TAN registration for uploading 15CA

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