New Delhi- A former woman sales tax officer and a chartered accountant, who gave her Rs 1,500 in bribe to settle a case, were sentenced to upto three years in jail by a Delhi court which said professionals like doctors and CAs are held in high esteem and should not indulge in corruption.

Special Judge B R Kedia sentenced 56-year-old Ved Kukreja, an assistant sales tax officer in the sales tax office, to three years in jail for accepting bribe of Rs 1500 from co-convict Chartered Accountant Ashish Garg for settlement of case files due to closing of financial year in 2006.

Garg was also handed down 27 months in jail for bribing Kukreja on behalf of a private firm for getting the assessment order. They were also slapped a fine of Rs 20,000 each.

“I am of the considered view that professionals like engineers, doctors and CAs are held in the eyes of general public at high esteem and they are supposed to render their professional duties by exercising their specialised skills and knowledge.

“They are not supposed to indulge in any mode of corruption thereby offering bribe in behalf of their clients to anyone,” the court said.

Kukreja and Garg were caught redhanded by Anti-Corruption branch on March 16, 2006 when its raiding party reached the Sales Tax office on a secret information that bribe is being taken by officers of sales tax department for settlement of case files due to closing of financial year.

Their sentences have been suspended till March 26 on a personal bond of Rs 25,000 and a surety of like amount.

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    dont compare doctor who is god for us with corrupt people, lyer,fraud person like C.A. This profession teach student how to give bribe and how to steal money.

  2. CA Abhijeet b says:

    Really fantastic, we Welcome this decision in our professional society

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