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Special Campaign by CPC-Send Signed ITR Acknowledgements/ITR-V for AY 2013-14 by 31st October’2014

The Centralised Processing Cell (CPC) of the Income Tax Department has started a special campaign where it is reminding those who have filed their income tax returns for the AY 2013-14 without digital signature and have not sent the signed copy of the Acknowledgement to CPC Bangalore, to send the same to CPC Bangalore.

The CPC has given last chance to those who have not sent the signed copy of the Acknowledgement, to do so by 31st October’2014.

Let us examine the provisions relating to signing of returns and sending of acknowledgements to CPC Bangalore and the implications of not doing so.

Section 140 of the Income Tax Act’1961

As per section 140 of the Income Tax Act’1961, every return filed u/s 139 has to be verified by the following persons:

Case I – Individual

  • By himself
  • If individual is not in India at the time of filing then by the person duly authorized by him on his behalf.
  • If individual is lacking mentally to fill it, then it must be signed by his/her parent/guardian or any person who is adequate for it on his/her behalf.
  • If due to any other reason, individual is not in condition to do it, then it must be signed by a person duly authorized by him/her.

Case II – Company

  • By Managing Director of the company. Due to any reason if the managing director is not available then any of directors can sign on the return form
  • If company is a non-resident company, then it must be signed by that person who holds Power of Attorney for it
  • If company is on wind up, then by should be signed by liquidator
  • If Government undertaking company, then it should be signed by the officer authorized by the government for this

Case III – Firm

  • By authorized managing partner. Due to any reason if he is not available, then by any partners

Case IV – Local Authority

  • By its authorized head officer

Case V – Political Party

  • Chief Executive Officer or Secretary

Case VI – Association

  • Chief executive officer of the association or any member of association

It means that every return filed has to be verified by the concerned person. The word ’verified’ has been substituted for the word ‘signed’ by the Finance Act’2014.

The word ‘verified’ has been added in view of the signing of the returns by electronic mode by the use of Digital Signature.

When a person digitally signs the return, he/she verifies the content therein.

Ques: What if the return is not digitally signed?

Ans: Digital Signing of the return is not compulsory in all cases. Individuals, partnership firms or HUF who are not subject to Tax Audit U/s 44AB can send their returns without the use of digital signature.

In case an assessee does not file the return by using digital signature, then he has to send a physically signed copy of the acknowledgement of the filing of return (ITR-V) to CPC Bangalore within 120 days of e-filing of the return.

Ques: What if the signed copy of the acknowledgement is not sent to the CPC?

Ans: Every assessee has to send physically signed copy of the acknowledgement of the electronically filed return to CPC Bangalore, if not sent by digital signature.

The return filing process is not complete without sending the signed copy of acknowledgement of filing the return/ITR-V. The return will not be processed unless the signed copy of the acknowledgement is furnished to the CPC.

The Income Tax department will not be able to validate the contents of the return unless copy of signed acknowledgement is sent to CPC Bangalore. It would mean that the return sent will not be considered as a valid return.

Ques: I have filed my return where refund was determined and have not sent signed copy of the acknowledgement to the CPC, will I get my refund?

Ans: As per the Income Tax Department, if copy of signed acknowledgement is not sent to the CPC-Bangalore, the return of income will not be processed and if the same is not processed, the refund if any will not be determined. Therefore, the assessees having refund should immediately send copy of the signed acknowledgements for faster processing of their refund claims.

Ques: What is the address at which signed copy of the acknowledgement of return is to be sent?

Ans: Signed copies of the acknowledgements have to be sent at the following address:

Income Tax Department-CPC, Post Bag No.1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru-560100 (Karnataka).

Ques: How to send the signed copy of the acknowledgement?

Ans: Signed copy of the acknowledgement of the return has to be sent to the CPC by Ordinary Post or Speed Post only.

Ques: Will I get an acknowledgement of the receipt of ITR-V/Acknowledgement at CPC Bangalore?

Ans: Yes, the confirmation of receipt of Form ITR-V/ Acknowledgement at ITD-CPC will be sent to the registered e-mail address of the assessee. The confirmation of the receipt can also be seen at the online login of the assessee with the Income Tax Deptt.

Ques: Do I need to send any supporting documents with ITR-V?

Ans: You do not need to send any supporting documents along with ITR-V. Just send one page of signed ITR-V.

Ques: What if the I don’t get acknowledgement of the receipt of the acknowledgement/ITR-V from the CPC?

Ans: It generally takes about 3 weeks from the date of posting ITR-V, for CPC to send acknowledgement of the same on your registered email id. If it has been more than 3 weeks since you posted your signed ITR-V and you have not received the acknowledgement for it yet, you need to post another copy immediately to the Income Tax Department-CPC.

The non-receipt of ITR-V at CPC may be due to any of the following reasons:

1. The ITR-V may be in transit.

2. The ITR-V may be under process at CPC, Bangalore

3. Your ITR-V may be defective, viz. unsigned ITRV

4. Bar code could not be scanned

5. The ITR-V may have been misplaced in transit.

Therefore, if you have not sent signed copies of the acknowledgements/ITR-V at CPC-Bengaluru for the AY 2013-14, please do so by 31st October’2014.

Remember to also send signed copy of ITR-V for AY 2014-15 also within 120 days of e-filing the return.

Hope you find the above information relevant and useful.

(The author is a CA in practice at Delhi and can be contacted at: E-mail:, Mobile: +91-9953199493)

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  1. Pandurang N says:

    This is to clarify the calculation of 120 days. The 120 days limit is for sending the ITR V . Hence if you send by speedpost and have a receipt it will help. In any case the It department is helpful and will normally accept the ITR V even if receipt id delayed by a few days, if you have sent it before 120 days.

  2. Harpreet Kaur says:

    I have submitted income-tax e-filing for Assessment 2015-16 ; I done E-verify by Netbanking successfully. But I don’t see the bar code in my ITR-V acknowledgement form ; I see the Text at the bottom of the PDF in RED as ” DO NOT SEND THIS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO CPC,BANGALORE. I checked online and found that it is no more required to be sent if you link your aadhaar. Please check the following link for details.

  3. JK Rao says:

    if the ITR Ack doen not send to CPC, Bangalore with in 120 Days from the Filing Date? Then what is the procedure for the above situation?

  4. KV says:

    As per my below message , pls let me know do I need to submit this signed copy of ITR-V acknowledgement form to CPC -Bangalore or not for Assessment 2015-16; Pls confirm

  5. KV says:


    I have submitted income-tax e-filing for Assessment 2015-16 ; I done E-verify by Netbanking successfully. But I don’t see the bar code in my ITR-V acknowledgement form ; I see the Text at the bottom of the PDF in RED as ” DO NOT SEND THIS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO CPC,BANGALORE ;

  6. N.Srinivasarao says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have filed my return of income for the asst.year 2014-15 electronically, but i forgot to send signed copy of the acknowledgement.Accordingly i didn’t receive my refund amount. shall i send it now or else is there any remedy for this.

    Please help me in in doing so………

    Thanking you in advance.

  7. RK TRIPATHI says:

    I have filed return for AY 2013-14 on 07-03-2014 and ITR-V sent to CPC. On checking status of ibid ITR-V, the message displayed that “ITR received but defective.” Please advise me what is my next action on the issue

  8. Rafii says:

    I have filed return in October 24, 2014 in firm case. but I have send the ITR V after due date(123Days – CPC Received date 23.02.2015). what can I do?

  9. Dr T Nath says:

    I filled one ITRV for 2014-15 and submitted correctly. there was tax paid from two source and there was return also.but when it got processed then there is a intimation 143(1). They are showing that I have not paid major part of tax.(non paid tax part was from govt service and paid part is from bank).
    kindly tell me what to do now.

  10. Rahul says:

    The income tax dept says, that the return is filed after due date (as my hard copy of ITRV is received on 3 Dec. Now as you know that due date i.e 28 Nov is over, so do I need to file the return again or just do nothing (as TDS was already deducted earlier)

  11. Syed Zameeruddin says:

    Dear Sir/madam,

    Delay happened in sending signed copy of the Acknowledgement to CPC Bangalore. Showing status Received (“ITRV received after due date”).

    Please let us know what needs to be from my side, would it be considered or not.

    NOTE: refund amount is 0.


  12. harsheeta says:

    i had sent the itr for the assessee in time but it had taken a long time in transit and it could be recived by the department after expiry of 120 days now the status thereon states that recd. itr after due date
    please let me knoew whether i need to file it again or it would get processed

    1. A.K.RASTOGI says:

      no need to file ITR next time , simply you take print out of acknowledement copy and make digital sign then send the same their Bangalore Office by normal post ticket.


  13. prachi b says:


    i efiled my returns on 31st july,2014 for ay 2014-15 and sent the itrv through ordnry post to cpc.but when i checkd now ,the itrv status says”not recevied”.Also,i had signed it in black ink being unaware of the blue ink rule.Since my 120 days window expired on 30th novembr,what should i do now?? file revised return or send again??
    please reply.

  14. T.Thankappan says:

    I could not send the signed copy of the ITR-V even after e-return of IT-TDS
    for the a/y 2013-14 before 31.10.2014 due to some unfortunate inconveniences;
    What shall i do?

  15. Manish says:

    Hi Prateek,

    I have sent my ITR V signed copy twice through speed post. In both cases the document tracking record shows that the document has been delivered but i am still getting intimation that it has not been received. What should i do..


    Status of your tax refund

    Permanent Account Number (PAN) AAAFE8801F
    Assessment Year 2010-2011

    Mode of Payment Reference Number Status Date* Speed Post Ref. no
    Refund cheque CMPP7541859 No such Address – Refund voucher cancelled. The instrument returned undelivered by the speed post as the address provided by the assessee is not complete/ non existent. May 9, 2011 EW742289741IN

    The above refund was requested but the problem is non-opening of the password protected zip attachment shows wrong password ,FOR ASSESSMENT YEAR –2010-11.I am unable to open the password protected zip
    Please check from your end whether you have loaded the correct password
    protection as noted on my PAN card
    Please note my PAN No is :- AAAFE8801F and date of incorporation as printed
    on this PAN card is 02/05/1995.

    Thus the password to open the zipped attachment as per your above noted
    instruction is:- aaafe8801f02051995.

    On putting this password the file is NOT OPENING and showing INCORRECT
    password. Complaint was lodged on phone at the helpline of CPC Bengaluru at
    1800-425-00025.. Ticket No of Complaint being:–141000062322

    This is the second time this has happened.Please help
    OP Dayani

  17. ajay rastogi says:

    if u filed on-line INCOME TAX RETURN , please take out the print through site as information sent by the dept on your mail, with putting your PAN as well as date of birth to use as password to open it and send the with digital sign to INCOME TAX DEPT, BANGALORE to keep it an envelop through post office dock.

  18. jitendra kumar singh says:

    I am not received acknowledgement in email id but ITR for AY 2014-2015,Ack no-191470880110614 has been processed at CPC.oder u/s 143/(1)will be sent on email id 11/8/14 received by sms on my cell phone no 9204634739.
    So I want my acknowledgement in the above email id.

    1. A.K.RASTOGI says:

      The Centralised Processing Cell (CPC) of the Income Tax Department has started a special campaign where it is reminding those who have filed their income tax returns for the AY 2013-14 without digital signature and have not sent the signed copy of the Acknowledgement to CPC Bangalore, to send the same to CPC Bangalore.

  19. ashutosh basak says:


    I have filed return in April,2014 relating to the AY 2013-14, but, didn’t sends the signed copy to CPC- Bengaluru as some mistake was in that Return. Now, I intend to file the Revised Return wshich will be sent to CPC-Bengaluru. Will it be possible or valid. Seeking advice.

  20. ajay rastogi says:

    Thanks for your guidance regarding e-filling I.T.Return.

    Kindly also send your guidelines in case refund of income tax, whenever it has has received back in account as i have filed on line date during the m/o july-14 and also got acknowledgement on line in the last month.

    Ajay Rastogi

  21. sudarshana says:

    The following points are important while sending the ITR-V :
    You should consider the following Do’s and Dont’s for printing and submitting of ITR-Vs to ITD-CPC Bangalore to complete the e-filing process:

    1. Only A4 size white paper should be used.
    2. Ensure that print out is clear and not light print/faded copy.
    3. The document to be mailed to CPC should be signed in original in blue ink only. The TRP Column is to be left blank.
    4. The signatures or any text should not be written on the Bar code. The Bar code and numbers below the bar code should be clearly visible.
    5. Avoid typing anything at the back of the paper and folding the paper.
    6. Please do not submit any annexures, covering letter, pre stamped envelopes etc. along with ITR-V. Do not use stapler on ITR-V.
    7. In case you are submitting original and revised returns, do not print them back to back. Use two separate papers for printing ITR-Vs separately.
    8. The ITR-V form is required to be sent to “Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Box No – 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore – 560100, Karnataka” by regular Indian Postal Service or speed post only (courier is not accepted). If you are sending the signed ITR-V through speed post, delete the text “Post Box No – 1” from the address.
    9. The ITR-V should reach CPC within 120 days of filing of return.
    10. ITR-Vs that do not conform to the above specifications may get rejected or acknowledgement of receipt may get delayed.
    NOTE: ITR-V should not be sent by private curier service and to be sent by India Post; ordinary or speed post. More than one can be sent in one envelope.

  22. Dilip says:

    Thanks for the information. Just have a question:
    I have 4 people in my family who have filed IT returns.
    Can i send the ITR-V of all within 1 envelope?

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