The Income Tax Department has launched a new portal for ease of filing on 07.06.2021. The new portal can be accessed at The portal has 10 language options for its users. The objective of this portal is to provide a single window access to the income tax related services for taxpayers and other stakeholders.

The portal shall fulfill the following objectives:

portal shall fulfill the following objectives

Let us analyse the features of the new portal:

  • A single dashboard will display all interactions, uploads, pending actions or any follow-up measures required.
  • A detailed section for each category of filing with user manuals and videos providing information about applicable forms, tax slab, deductions, refund status, etc.
  • The JSON utility shall be made available for offline filing of return.
  • An interactive ITR preparation software shall enable taxpayers to file ITR 1, 2, 4 and other Returns will be available shortly.
  • The new website will enable online tax payment options like net banking, UPI, Credit Card and RTGS/NEFT for seamless payment of taxes.
  • A chatbot has been introduced to assist taxpayers.
  • A new mobile application will be launched soon.

The interface of the website has been simplified with tabs categorizing the desired selection of the users. A detailed illustration is being provided for better understanding.

 As we open the website, these are the tabs available for users:

As we open the website these are the tabs available for user


Likewise, under Company tab, we have to choose-

> Domestic company

> Foreign Company

For Non-Company tab, the following options are given-


> Firm/LLP

> Local Authority

For Tax Professionals & Others, the following options are given-

> Chartered Accountants

> External Agency

> Tax Deductor & Collector

The following services are available for a Chartered Accountant:

i. File Statutory Forms (once you are added as a CA by a taxpayer and you have accepted the request)

ii. e-Verify the forms assigned to you by taxpayer

iii. Upload bulk form (Form 15CB)

iv. View filed Statutory Forms

v. View & Submit Grievances

vi. Set higher security Login options through Profile

vii. Register DSC

Note: All the filing by a CA must be with a valid DSC.

As we scroll below, we find ‘OUR SERVICES’ tab enlisting the following services provided by the website:

enlisting the following services provided by the website

Now, when user chooses to log-in, multiple options have been made available.

> For Individuals, i.e.( Salaried employee, Senior citizen, Self-employed, NRI) PAN or AADHAR shall be required.

> For Other than Individuals, i.e.( Company, Trust, AOP, AJP, BOI, Firm, Local Authority)

PAN shall be required.

> For Chartered Accountant, Tax Deductor and Collector, e-Return Intermediary, TIN 2.0 Stakeholders, External Agency, ITDREIN

Respective User ID followed by 6-digit number.

NOTE: Users may also log-in through net banking using valid credentials and they shall be directly to the e-filing website.

After log in, users shall see their profile status and upon 100% update on their profile, the following options will be available:

√ Condonation Request

√ Download Pre-filled XML

√ Register as representative

√ Register to act on behalf of another person

√ Authorise another person to act on behalf of self

√ Manage ITD Reporting Entity Identification number (ITDREIN)

In the dashboard, options available are Tax Deposit, Recent Filed Returns, Pending Actions, Recent Forms Filed and Grievances.

The Recent Filed Returns shows a 2-year analysis of taxable income, tax liability and tax deposited.

 The Pending Actions tab allows the user to check the following:

Pending Actions tab allows the user to check the following

The Grievance tab enables taxpayers to address any concern that arises during the filing process and after. The Grievance Cell support team includes the following:

Grievance Cell support team includes

A very important feature introduced in the new portal is the e-Filing Vault Higher Security option available under ‘My Profile’. In addition to the existing User ID and password, a second step of verification will be enabled to secure the portal from external threats and unauthorized access.

To set Higher Security for Log In or if the password is reset, we have to choose from the given options:

√ Through Net Banking

√ Using Digital Signature Certificate

√ Using OTP on Mobile number registered with Aadhar

√ Using Bank Account EVC

√ Using DEMAT Account EVC

There’s still a lot of features awaiting to be processed gradually. The website is not fully functional as on date and there has been several reports of technical glitches faced by users. We expect complete restoration shortly. Further the Department requests the patience of all taxpayers and stakeholders during this initial period while we familiarize with the functionalities of the new advanced system.


In case of any filing related queries, you may reach out CA Praveen Kumar Surana at [email protected]

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  1. kalaiselvan says:

    The profile is not getting 100% and is showing only 75%. Because of that, its not possible to see any status or previously filed forms. The site is ridiculous….

  2. Chandran says:

    Starting itself, getting 100% update on one’s profile becomes a hug task because the addresses on IT Profile, Aadhaar and PAN never matches word to word. From the various data entered in forms as answers to questions, the addresses are system genrated or synthesised. These addresses in Aadhaar PAN card etc are created by the computer sysyem of the repective depts, and not provided by the individuals who is trained to treat the address from the point of view of the postal dept.
    To get 100% profile match, all the addresses with the 3 depts are to be corrected to uniformity. My Aadhaaar card address starts with my name followed by S/0 Shri…which is not there in PAN and ITR records. For PAN correction people used Aadhaar as proof, for Aadhaar Correction PAN is used but when all the 3 needs corrections, what proof can one use?
    When PAN and Aadhaar are linked to the IT records, why one should be struggling for profile match is undigestible.

  3. The website asks us to update the profile. When we update, it asks us to enter OTP received on mobile and email. No email comes up. OTP is generated only through mobile. In the end, the profile does not get updated. We keep repeating this process with no use whatsoever in the end. Please do the needful.

  4. Jayesh more says:

    Site is not working properly.. tried lots of time to submit the return but .. every time message show that something went wrong.. so not able to submit return till today.. old site was good plz start the old site asap…

  5. Sankar says:

    The Profile is showing 75% updated, and showing an error “the Profile details and Pan details mismatch”, asking us to update mobile number and email id in Pan. How is it possible ? Kindly explain.

  6. J Arivazhagan says:

    When I want to download. 26AS, I am directed to NSDL website. In this they want to verify with Aadhar. Message is your name, DOB, Gender mismatch directs us to either login NSDL or visit aadhar kendra for correction. When tried to ligin NSDL site under correction.!!!””!!!!!!!!!
    Since I have linked my aadhar with PAN why do you need to verify in my aadhar. After verifications only my aadhar is linked.

    Totally new website is not user friedly. I am a senior citizen I am afraid whether I will be able to file my returns online. Unable to understand many topics.

    Old website was super and very user friendly.

    All the best for the effort.


    OLD PASSWORD is not functioning in current site. I cannot see or download form 26AS. When I create a new password SUBMIT Button is not enabled. Besides, in updating my profile the Area is generated automatically. please help and solve the problem as soon as possible. PLEASE.

  8. M. Srinivasan says:

    Old is gold. Present site is not made user friendly. TCS is far better than Infosys The golden example is GST. It is strange to note that Govt is highly relying upon Infosys. The present site should again be revisited.

  9. M. Srinivasan says:

    Old is gold. Present site is not made user friendly. TCS is far better than Infosys The golden example is GST. It is strange to note that Govt is highly relying upon Infosys

  10. Kumar says:

    Most useless site it is not at all user friendly takes More than 5 minutes to load a Page and most of the utilities highlighted is not functioning
    The old portal was 100 times better

  11. Vishwas Gaur says:

    I have not seen a more useless site than this. It took me ten attempts to login. Speed is one of the objectives of the new site but you can go for a date and come back before the site logs you in

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