Ministry of Finance, Government of India has pronounced the DTC, 2013 along with DTC Bill, 2010 is placed on, inviting public comments. A write-up on the significant changes in the proposed DTC, 2013 is also placed on the website. The report of the Standing Committee on Finance is available at the

We request your valuable suggestions on the provisions of Direct Tax Code Bill, 2013, which may also be provided on specific sectors/industries of special or economic or national importance, which may be laid down on the following parameters :

v     For widening the tax base and increasing the tax revenue

v     To check tax avoidance

v     For rationalization of the provisions of Direct Tax Laws

The suggestions relating to policy matters and procedural matters be mentioned separately and for each of the issue, in the format specified below:

Suggestions may be sent to this e-mail id: by 19th April, 2014.

Your valuable suggestions within the requested date would facilitate in making a proper representation before the authorities.

This is issued considering the greatest interest of the stakeholders.

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0 responses to “CMA body Request for Suggestions on Direct Tax Code Bill, 2013”

  1. Natabar Panda,Advocate, High Court of Orissa says:

    All should welcome to the proposal.Every section of people should send their suggestions after going through the DTC BILL-2010 & 2013. Seminars should be held at each sphere and the gist of the deliberations should be sent to the Ministry of Finance.
    However, no one knows about passing of the said Bill in the Parliament unless a new Govt. comes with some innovative ideas.

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