The service providers are required to issue Permanent Account Number Cards within 15 calendar days for fresh applicant and within 20 calendar days for reprint/ correction, excluding the time taken by the department and the applicant.  The weighted average number of days for issue of Permanent Account Number Card is much less than 15 days.

Out of the applications received on or after 30.7.2006, there are 9,15,246 applications pending for  more than a year.
The majority of the applications are defective applications where applicants have been informed about the nature of the defect but no satisfactory clarification has been received from the applicants.

This information was given by Minister of State for Finance, Shri S.S. Palanimanickam in  written reply to a Question raised in Lok Sabha today.

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  1. Anees AL says:

    My PAN card application was rejected twice because of

    1) Name in Proof of Residential Address does not contain middle name and last name in expanded form as mentioned in application.
    2) Name in Proof of Identity does not contain middle name and last name in expanded form as mentioned in application.

    Here in Kerala usually we use abbreviation of our initials within matriculation, license certificates etc.

    AS per PAN Authorities Instruction:

    “Individual applicants are allowed to provide abbreviated ‘Name to be printed on the card’. The abbreviated name should necessarily contain the expanded Last Name/Surname.”

    I filled the application with the initials in expanded form as instructed above.

    I use my father’s name as the initials and in abbreviated form. It was also mentioned in the application and certificates(Matriculation & License). But they rejected it by telling those strange reasons above..

    Still I didn’t get my PAN card and I don’t know what to do!

  2. SURENDRA says:

    Blame game does not makes the end meet justice. I AGREE WITH MR. PATWAL applicant need to respect the requirement to be adhered to.

  3. R S Tripathi says:

    It is good suggestion that the processing of the applicaton should be done at state level. This will reduce the time and also the rejections.

  4. JPS Patwal says:

    Although, Mr. Vimal jain expresses his anguish over huge pendency of PAN allotments but he has not commented upon the probable reasons for such delay. Why the applicants or their counsels furnish incorrect particulars in the PAN applications or fail to submitt the pre-requisite documents to establish correct identity of the applicants. In this regard, the applicants are to blame themselves and not the PAN allotting Agency. Despite of the qeries issued, the applicants fail to comply with the requirements. why to blame the govt. squarely, without having gone into the facts.PAN is considered as an identity of individual and cannot be issued to all and sundry without verification of proper identity, address, date of birth etc. Let the applicant as well as the PAN allotting Agency be vigilant enough so that undesirable and anti social elements are deprived of PAN. As on the day without PAN, no refund can be claimed or no ITR can be accepted. How can these pending applicants who even do not care to prove their credentials are performing their responsibilities toward nation as honest tax payer, needs to be investigated before they are issued with PAN or their applications are rejected.

  5. SHATHIK.NS says:

    processing can be done at state level, major supporting documents like ration card in Regional language.

    all supporting documents have the initials of the PAN applicant, but PAN card processing team not accepting.

    How can a government department issue the ID / Address proof without Initials.

    (driving licence,school leaving certificate, bank pass book, ration card, Voter Id)

    we can obtain the gazetted officer certificate stating our name without initials, that will takes time and leave the space for bribe to get the documents certified. maximum documents lying with PAN processing centre for the reason of Name and Address not exactly matching with the Proof given.

    we request you to minister to intervene and do the needful.

  6. Vimal Jain says:

    How, sad to know that on 30th July 2006 the pending applications related to pan cards are 9,15,246. OUR STATE MINISTER ACCEPT THIS IN JULY 2010. Shame on working and acceptance after FOUR YEARS and ONE Month.

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