857. Payment of tax on self-assessment/regular assessment, in cases where capital gains have not been invested, for the pur­poses of availing exemption under sections 54, 54B and 54D, before filing return – Whether time therefor could be extended under the section

1. Section 45 provides for the taxation of capital gains arising on the transfer of capital assets. Sections 54, 54B and 54D grant exemption in respect of capital gains arising on transfer of property used for self-residence, land used for agricultural purposes and compulsory acquisition of lands and buildings under any law, provided the conditions laid down in the three sections are satisfied. These sections, inter alia, provide investment of the capital gains  in the house building and land, as the case may be, within  the stipulated period which is 2 to 3 years. If the assessee is able to do so between the date of the transfer and that of filing the return of income, there is no difficulty. But if he is not able to do so but wishes to avail of the exemption in the subsequent years, he will have to disclose the capi­tal gain in the return of income of the relevant year.

2. The question of payment of the tax on self-assessment and regular assessment in cases where the capital gains have not been invested before filing the return, although assessee proposes to do so later, has been considered, and I am directed to convey the following instructions :

(a)   in cases where the assessee has received the sale proceeds of the capital asset transferred, the time for payment of tax under  sections 140A and 220 need not be extended as the assessee has the necessary funds to pay the taxes;

(b)    in cases where sale proceeds of the asset transferred have not been received for any reason the Income-tax Officer may not formally extend time for payment under sections 140A and 220  but may not impose penalty for non-payment of the tax in view of the special circumstances due to which the assessee is prevented from paying the tax. However, as soon as the sale proceeds are received the collection may be enforced and failure to pay the taxes may be visited with penalty.

Circular : No. 119 [F. No. 207/5/73-IT (A-II)], dated 26-9-1973.

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