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CBN Instruction No. 4 [F. No. SW/3/3/96/01-DIT(S)/Vol IX], Dated 17-6-2010

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The Chief Commissioner of Income-tax (By Name)

Ahmedabad/Allahabad/Amritsar/Bangalore/Baroda/Bhopal/Bhubaneshwar/Coimbatore/Cochin/Kolkata/Chennai/Delhi/Hyderabad/Jaipur/Jodhpur/Kanpur/ Lucknow/Mumbai/Madurai/Meerut/Nagpur/Nasik/Patna/Pune/Rajkot/Ranchi/Shillong/Surat/Trivandrum/Visakhapatnam;

The Commissioner of Income-tax (By Name)


And The Commissioner of Income-tax (Computer Operations)(By Name)

Delhi/Mumbai/Chennai/Ahmedabad/Bhubaneshwar/Pune /Jaipur/Kanpur/Bangalore/Hyderabad/Bhopal/Chandigarh/Patna/Kolkata/Guwahati/Cochin.


Based on the feedback from RCCs, following modifications have been carried out in CBN module:

1. Users who have assigned role to access Assessee Information System (AIS) module can now access CBN Application for Permanent Account Number (PAN) query. This facility can be accessed from menu option ‘CBN’ provided in AIS module main menu. They no longer have a need to login CBN server directly for PAN query. However, present facility has not been withdrawn and all existing users who have access in CBN module can still use it in the manner it is used presently. Therefore, no need to deleted current CBN users.

2. Other ITD Application users who are not accessing AIS module can also use CBN directly for PAN query, if need arise, through users created by the respective RCC in CBN database.

3. On clicking ‘CBN’, ITD users will be navigated to CBN module where they can query PAN from CBN database. When users finish working on CBN they can leave it by pressing Action->AIS Menu option from CBN menu. On arriving in AIS module they can now resume their normal work.

4. A new menu item ‘Phonetic Query’ under menu option ‘Query’ has been provided. This query provide faster result if Name, Father’s Name, Sex, DOB and Status of the assessee fields for Individual assessees and Name, Date of Incorporation and Status are known for Non-individual assessees are known and filled while submitting query criteria.

5. If a PAN appearing in the query result has deleted/de-activated PAN, the details are available in the screen where query results are shown. User can compare details of Deleted/De-activated and Retained PAN by clicking the button provided for the same.

6. (i) Password for CBN users can now be reset by the AIS Administrator through Admin->Reset Application Passwords option. For this, AIS Administrator has to connect CBN through ITD application.

(ii) Before resetting the password of CBN users AIS Administrator should confirm that the User for which password is going to be reset actually belongs to the person requesting resetting of password.

7. (i) A new option ‘Download Data’ is available to the AIS Administrators under Query option of CBN menu. Those AIS Administrators will have access to this menu option who have been authorized to download PAN data by the CBN Administrator. AIS Administrator will be able to download data from CSS_SALONE table RCC/CIT/RANGE/AO wise.

(ii) Data download can also be filtered further from ‘More Download Data options’. Data download can be filtered on the basis of Status, Start Character of Surname and End Character of Surname.

(iii) Data download should not be used as a regular practice since it can lead to unnecessary load on resources. It should be used only for the CD creation in compliance of AIS Instruction No. 24 dated 14.5.2002 which provide PAN data for stand alone program which will supplement PAN verification procedure at the time of filing of returns by the assessees. The facility of download of data should be used in lean time when minimum load on the CBN database is expected. To keep check on data download requisite logs are maintained in CBN. RCC will download data between 0930 hrs. to 1200 hrs. and 1900 hrs. to 2100. No download should be initiated beyond prescribed time limit.

(iv) Incremental data for PANs allotted should be downloaded through entering ‘From Date’ and ‘To Date’ fields. Since the time component is not available in DT_PAN_GEN field the Date format will be DD/MM/YYYY. Incremental data so generated may be merged with earlier data available with the RCC generated from the database prior to consolidation following steps given in sub-para A ‘Copy IPAN/AIS data to a text file’ of para I ‘Activities at RCC level’ of Annexure to the AIS Instruction No. 24.

(v) Files will be generated with following format:


For example on 01.07.2010 and Database Table CSS_SALONE, the file generated will be:


(vi) The file containing PAN data will be created in C:ITDSPOOL directory on local PC of the AIS Administrator. User can also change output directory if desired through changing ‘Download path for ITAX’.

(vii) After completing download of the file it should be renamed as salone.txt from DOS prompt and merged with earlier text file generated from PAN data so that it can be used by ‘Salone.apr’ program for converting to ‘dbf format in compliance of sub-para B.’Converting text file data to ‘dbf format’ of para I ‘Activities at RCC level’ of AIS Instruction No. 24.

(viii) To enable AIS Administrator of RCC to download PAN data from CBN a formal request alongwith details in respect of AIS Administrator of the RCC like userid to access ITD application, name, post etc., as per para 7(i) above, should be forwarded to the Directorate through the respective CCIT/CIT incharge of the RCC. At a time, only one officer from the RCC will be allowed for data download.

(ix) It is also emphasized here that the Permanent Account Number through above facility should only be informed to the assessee on exact match of core details like Name, Father’s name, Date of Birth/Incorporation etc. for which PAN is enquired. No assumption should be made in this regard by the front desk staff.

Yours faithfully,

(Neeraj Kumar) Joint Director of Income-tax (Systems)

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