CBDT has Vide Order No. 15 of 2015 dated 30.01.2015 promoted  264 officers in the grade of Commissioner of Income Tax/ Director of Income Tax  to the grade of Principal Commissioner of Income Tax in the HAG scale (Rs. 67,000-79,000) with immediate effect and actually from the date of assumption of charge of the post and until further orders. These promotions are subject to the result of the decision rendered by the Hon’ble Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT), Principal Bench, New Delhi in O.A. No. 1523/ 2014.

F No. A-32011/2/2013-Ad-VI

Click here to download CBDT Order No. 15 of 2015 dated 30.01.2015

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  1. dr.g.balakrishnan phd ml says:

    promotions are good news to them. Promotions shd be denied to persons who did not properly account themselves in their current posts that way promotion shd be used to enhance proper accountability of officers in tax dept is my take, this is without any malice!

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