Government Extends the due Date for E-Filing of Returns of Income Tax and Audit Reports U/S 44AB of Income Tax Act from 30th September, 2015 to 31st October 2015

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Direct Taxes


New Delhi, 1st October, 2015

Subject: Extension of date for filing of Income tax returns and tax audit reports to 31st October 2015 – regarding

The issue of extension of last date for e-filing returns of income and audit reports u/s 44AB due by 30th September, 2015 has been the subject matter of litigation in various High Courts across the country. While some High Courts have ruled in favour of the extension of due date, some others have ruled otherwise. In order to avoid discrimination between taxpayers residing in different jurisdictions and to be fair to all, and also in view of paucity of time to approach the Hon’ble Supreme Court by way of Special Leave Petition, the Government has decided that across the country, all the returns of income and audit reports u/s 44AB which were due for e-filing by 30th September, 2015, may now be filed by 31st October, 2015.

Necessary order u/s 119 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 has been issued by CBDT in this regard.

(Shefali Shah)
Pr. Commissioner of Income Tax (OSD)
Official Spokesperson, CBDT


Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Direct Taxes

North Block, ITA.II Division New Delhi dated the 15t of October, 2015

Order under Section 119 of the Income-tax Act, 1961

In supersession of orders under Section 119 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (`Act’) dated 30th, September, 2015 vide file of even number, the Central Board of Direct Taxes, in exercise of powers conferred under Section 1 19 of the Act, hereby orders that the returns of income and audit reports u/s 44A13 due for e-filing by 30th September, 2015 may be filed, across the country, by 31′ October, 2015.

(Rohit Garg)

Deputy Secretary to the Government of India

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0 responses to “CBDT finally extended due date all over India to 31.10.2015”

  1. Vishnu says:

    It is understood that date for filing Income tax Return and Audit report for 44AB audit cases has been extended to 31st October 2015. But is there any change in “due date” for Self Assessment Tax also? I believe only date for filing ITR and TAR has been extended and last date for paying tax is still 30th September. Reply from experts appreciated.

  2. Sai says:

    Dear Sirs,
    The team of Tax guru team , we are very very thankful to you for your continuous feedback and updates in this regard.

    thanks a lot once again.

  3. L k sharma says:

    Thanks. Taxguru. Keep it up.

  4. ca jay says:

    its the time when the whole CA community should think about their representatives in councils! is we require the show pieces. there or the genuine once like the admin of this site n the petitioners CAs who worked very hard to fight against the wrong doing of govt officers n the politicians! i request to CA Sandip bhai n others who fight for justice should contest for the councils.

  5. HARIPRASAD G says:

    Thank you Sandeepji and also convey our thanks to team of TAXGURU.

  6. CA R G SOMANI says:

    Respected brother. There is no happy movements for us. The famous verb which is many a times pronouced by supreme court itself that Justice delayed is justice denied. So the issuance of notification after the due date is nothing but denying the justice

  7. Adv pankaj bgs says:

    Finally We are winner by the grace of various Honorable Courts judgement. CBDT gets chance to collect more tax regarding audited file.

  8. krishna says:

    Respected All,

    MANY Many thanks to one and all who take part in this subject . KSCAA (KARNATAKA ), Vishal Garg & Others Hariyana & punjab , Jagdish Prasad Mittal from Orissa, All Gujarat Federation of Tax Consultants (gujarat),Nagaprasad – adovate & TP from Hyderabad , I specially thankful to taxguru management & CA Sandeep Kanoi ji for support the taxpayers. Once again this success bring more confidence on judiciary . I wish u all the best.

  9. Satish kalra says:

    Thanks to various highcourts & C A ASSOCIATIONS,
    but CBDT RESPONSE is not good.

  10. Satish kalra says:

    Thanks to various high courts. & C A associations.

  11. CA Narendra Tilwankar says:

    Thanks to ICAI, all associations and also thanks to TaxGuru.Now from next year on 1st April if all forms not available ,then immediately PIL or petitions should be filed…

  12. GRA says:

    Thanks to Mr.CA Sandeep Kanoi for his unmatched contribution (there is no specific word available to show the gratitude towards his contribution at the time of crisis faced, red faced, having low self esteem of the practicing fellow members). Tax guru is the only portal the entire practicing CAs were looking for help/solace at the time of extreme disturbed mind with reference to their professional practice.
    The entire episode had taught the following lessons to all practicing members
    1) The attitude of CBDT/Govt. is going to be same whether UPA or NDA and it will remain same another 50 years or so.
    2) The helplessness of ICAI is very much apparent and thier in ability is totally exposed. when the practicing members all over India are being slaughtered by CBDT and GOI, ICAI is mere by stander not even a single word was uttered to stop the same.
    3) The media coverage print or electronic is almost nil or negligence.
    4) But for the great help of Hon’ble high courts all over India the practicing members would have been ruined along with their practice.
    5) The whole battle was left to few courageous Individual CAs and few trade associations and majority of the members are mere by standers.
    Lesson learned from the whole episode is that the practicing members should very much be associate themselves with various “Regional Tax Consultancy Associations” and also create a PAN India practicing members association to face future crisis keeping aloof of ourselves will not serve any purpose except crying at the last moment!


    Thanks to all those who fought with CBDT. Thanks to all advocates too.

  14. Simranjit says:

    बेनकाब हुआ CBDT शर्मसार हुआ लोकतंत्र

    कल शाम तक चले नाटकीय घटनाक्रममें एक बात पूर्ण रूप से सामने आई है कि, CBDT एक अहंकारग्रस्त और अधिकारोंके नशे में चूर संस्था है, जो अपनी कमियोंको छिपाने के लिए न्याय की अवहेलना तक कर सकती है। करोडों करदाताओं तथा CA की तकलीफोंको अनदेखा-अनसुना कर के अपनी हेकडी साबित करना ही उसका लक्ष्य बन चुका है। ऐसी अनियंत्रित और मदमस्त संस्था की नकेल कसने में वित्त मंत्री और सरकार पूर्णत: विफल सिद्ध हुए हैं।
    आखिर ऐसी कौनसी मांगे थी जो अनुचित थीं – फार्म देर से आनेपर जो समय का नुकसान हुआ है उसकी पूर्ती ही तो मांग रहे थे सब । कौनसा पहाड टूट पडता अगर एखाद महिना देरी से रिटर्न मिल जाते ? अगर आपको राजस्व की चिंता थी तो महिनों महिने फार्म जारी करनेवाले अधिकारियों को लताड बाहर क्यों नहीं किया ? देश की करदाताओं के प्रति ऐसा संघर्षपूर्ण वातावरण बनाने की क्या आवश्यकता थी जैसे वे कोई आतंकी या अलगाववादी हों ? कई सवाल हैं जिनके उत्तर भविष्य CBDT से पूछेगा । न्यायव्यवस्था का अनादर तो इतनी बडी भूल है जिससे लोकतंत्र शर्मसार हुआ है। केवल कुछेक राज्योंमें तारीख बढाकर संघीय ढांचे को चोट पहुंचाई है । क्या इसके बाद केंद्र के कानूनोंपर हाईकोर्ट की टिप्पणियों को इस तरह भेदभाव से देखा जाएगा।
    हम चाहेंगे यह मामला जल्द ही सुप्रिम कोर्ट जाए और इस मनमाने बर्ताव के लिए, करदाता तथा CA के अपमान के लिए, संघीय गणतंत्र को ठेस पहुंचाने के लिए CBDT को कडी फटकार लगाई जाए । CBDT को अपनी अक्षम्य लापरवाही, अहंकारिता और अन्यायपूर्ण पक्षपात के लिए राष्ट्र से क्षमा मांगनी चाहिए ॥॥॥

    एक CA तथा राष्ट्र का अपमानित करदाता ।


      thanks for your writing cbdt is not considering the problems of rural areas CAs
      Now i think that practising in rural area and serving of rural customers is crime. 99% Tax Assessees which are our customers are unknown about online tax payments they give cash in our offices and ask us to make deposit and do payments.We are living in small towns where we get drinking water after 6 days .

      Send cbdt officers to live and do service in our town.

  15. jamil akhtar says:

    very2 thanks
    this govt become AHANKARI and one mane. no any minister take any decision

  16. Veerabasappa says:

    tanks to taxguru

  17. Vbpatil says:

    thanks to taxguru

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